ZenSleep Review: Why It Is Best Snoring Solution?

Before ZenSleep there are a large number of products found which aimed to give a permanent solution to the snoring problem. But it is really unfortunate that some of them hardly solve or fix this problem. This then wastes the time and money of the consumers.

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

Luckily we having ZenSleep in the market which offers a variety of products designed not just to mask snoring but to fix the causes, as well as many sleeping accessories to help you and your loved ones get the best possible night’s sleep and wake up fresh in the morning, without any lethargic feelings. The products that ZenSleep has launched are the following:

1. ZenGuard Description:

The ZenGuard is a Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) intended to keep the client’s tongue set up amid sleep. This arrangement averts Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which can be caused when the tongue tumbles to the back of the mouth, discouraging wind current and bringing about tightening and unwinding of the throat muscles.

The ZenGuard is proposed to keep this sort of block while staying as unobtrusive as could be expected under the circumstances. By applying suction to the tongue to keep it somewhat outside the mouth, the ZenGuard likewise helps to refrain teeth to grind and over the top jaw development, without being as bulky or nosy as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).

Features of ZenGuard:

The ZenGuard is made entirely from silicone, to allow it to feel as natural as possible, because of its flexibility in the mouth. The materials used are certified completely BPA-free. After the five years research, the ZenGuard gives a unique degree of clinical certification and evidence for its performance.

Instructions for Use:

The ZenGuard highlights two edges, which are proposed to fit outwardly of the mouth to help keep the gadget set up. It likewise incorporates a score on the base to guarantee it can be accurately arranged in the buyer’s mouth.

While applying and evacuating the gadget, it is best to press the globule toward the end for most extreme usability. Note that while the gadget holds the wearer’s tongue somewhat outside the mouth, it isn’t important to push your tongue the full length of the globule – go for the position that is generally agreeable and suitable for you.

For greatest solace and utility, it is by and large best to work on utilizing the gadget for shorter times of 2-3 hours before abandoning it set up for an entire night’s sleep.

It isn’t important to form the ZenGuard to fit your mouth ahead of time, or to search for a particular size – the item is composed as One Size Fits All, so it is prepared to use when it arrives, without giving any impression.

Likewise with any oral apparatus, it is fundamental dependably to guarantee that the ZenGuard is perfect both when utilized. Clean utilizing toothpaste and a toothbrush, at that point flush altogether with frosty water to look after cleanliness. After that, enclose it in a box to keep it dry and safe.

Side Effects:

Although the ZenGuard is designed to be as unobtrusive and comfortable to wear as possible, but even then some users have reported side effects and discomfort after use. Possible side effects can include the following:

  • Tongue Discomfort – Some users have noted that the suction based functioning of the device can result in soreness and increased sensitivity in the tongue. But this soreness can last for only a couple of days and will surely resolve your problem of snoring.
  • Increased Salivation – In some cases, the device can cause users to experience extra increased salivation during the night, because of the positioning of the device. It is suggested to take care if flat to excess salivating and stop using the object.

This device is designed to be consumed for all users without requiring extra alteration or varied sizes, some users have confirmed that initial usage is made easier by first heating the device in hot water for 2-3 minutes. The device can also require extra trimming to fit best in the mouth and to avoid the soreness.

Product Summary:

ZenGuard combines different strategies and technologies to provide an easy, effective solution for snoring and hindered sleep. However, some users have reported uneasiness and troubles with the device.

Also, at $99, the ZenGuard may be outside the price range of some customers, although it is still believed to be less expensive than custom-made solutions, while still offering competence and relieve.

2. ZenVents Description:

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

Its price is $49.00 which is quite cheap and also by ZenSleep, the ZenVents are nasal equipments designed to cope with snoring from the nose instead of the mouth. One common cause of nasal snoring is nasal congestion which is mostly due to allergies.

The ZenVent is designed to provide the utmost possible airflow by opening the user’s nasal airways while remaining comfortable and easy to utilize. Like the ZenGuard, the purpose of the ZenVents is to provide the best possible night’s sleep by stopping snoring.

Design and Specifications:

Like the ZenGuard, the ZenVents are made entirely from silicone, which is projected to guarantee they are as comfortable. Also, the ZenVents are designed to be completely free of odor and smell, so the user can forget that they are being used. They are also made entirely without BPAs to make sure they are not injurious to the user’s physical condition.

The ZenVents come in three sizes – small, medium, and large – to make sure the perfect fit for every user is available. They also come with a plastic case to ensure ease of storage and comfort.

Instructions for Use:

The ZenVents are projected to be as trouble-free to utilize and as normal feeling as probable. Because of this, they do not necessitate important research before applying and can be inserted directly into the nasal area. It is important to ensure hygiene before using any nasal appliance.

It is recommended to wash it with antibacterial soap and to dip them with cold water both before and after utilize. It is also recommended to keep them in their plastic case to keep it safe from contamination.

Side Effects:

For the most part ZenVents normally obtain positive feedback. However, some users report complexity and uneasiness on event. Some of the possible downsides to using to the ZenVents consist of the following:

  • Nasal DiscomfortThe silicone used in the ZenVents can be too hard in some cases, which can cause irritation and pain in the nasal cavities. Some users also confirmed that it was the source of sourness.
  • Overnight Displacement – On occasion, due to the size of the ZenVents or their small external connecting strip, the ZenVents may be displaced from the wearer’s nose.

Product Summary:

The ZenVents are proposed as a complement to the ZenGuard, providing the similar unremarkable and natural feeling solution to problematic and scratchy snoring. Most users report a positive and suitable experience, but some wearers may find the ZenVents is a bit uncomfortable and ineffective.

Also, the price may be unapproachable and unaffordable for some wearers, although for others, the longevity and efficiency of the ZenVents will make it a worthwhile buying it.

3. Zenstrap Description:

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

The ZenStrap is a strap up device, which functions by keeping the lower jaw in place without blocking the user’s airways. It is made of soft fabric with an adjustable strap length and ear holes to offer the appropriate fit during sleep. It costs $79.00 which is affordable for some but difficult for the others as well.

It is adjusted at the user’s head; it is an oral appliance and can be used alongside another snoring aid, such as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) or TSD.

Instructions for Use:

First regulate the ZenStrap in the region of your chin, and then secure it in place at the back of your head. Some users state that the ear holes may not support perfectly with your hair, while others have renowned that having predominantly thick hair or a beard may make the ZenStrap hard to protect fully.

4. ZenMask Description:

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

The ZenMask, a blackout eye mask, is more of a traditional sleep aid than a specifically anti-snoring solution. Like the ZenStrap, it is made with a spongy and normal feeling fabric, with an modifiable strap to suit each wearer’s needs.

It also features a vaulted shape, so the mask does not press into the consumer’s eyes, while still fitting firmly enough to block out all the approaching light.

Instructions for Use:     

Fit the mask in place over your eyes and adjust the strap to compose the best fit. Some users have reported the straps can be faintly painful and may start to penetrate into your ears if not protected acceptably. Furthermore, some user reports state the straps may tear without careful handling.

5. ZenPlugs Description:

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

The ZenPlugs are a set of silicone ear plugs which aim to provide an excellent balance of comfort and noise reduction. Unlike OTC products, the ZenPlugs are designed for longevity and are reusable over a long period of time.

They adjust to fit the size of your ear, so are suitable for all customers. Like the ZenStrap and the ZenMask, the ZenPlugs work well as a traditional sleep aid to the other co-devices.

Instructions for Use:

Pinch the end of the ZenPlugs before placing them into your ear to allow best ease. Notice that while the ZenPlugs do propose a high level of noise decreasing to allow the wearer to sleep, they are not totally noise-canceling, so wearers are aware of loud noises or noises nearby to ensure safety if needed.

For the purposes of hygiene, it is recommended to wash the ZenPlugs in warm water before and after use. Then dry it before securing it in a box.

Promotions and Offers:

15% OFF ZenSleep Coupon Code

ZenSleep Best Snoring Solution

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Most of ZenSleep’s products tend toward the higher end of the sleep aid price spectrum. However, they offer many bundles and promotions which may present better value for money for some customers.

The most straightforward is the Multi-Pack ZenGuard, which includes two ZenGuards for $149.00. This package is best suitable for users who may be worried about the longevity of the ZenGuard.

The All-In-One Stop-Snoring System probably represents the best value for money of all the ZenSleep offers, as it features a ZenGuard, a set of ZenVents, a ZenStrap, a ZenMask, and a set of ZenPlugs in a single bundle for $95.00.

This offer includes the full range of ZenSleep’s products and is perfect for mostly all the distinct sufferers of snorting problems specifically those who want to correct their snoring and those who want proper peace of mind to wake up fresh in the morning.

Finally, the Super All-In-One Stop-Snoring Bundle includes the same products as the All-In-One, along with an additional ZenGuard in keeping with the Multi-Pack bundle, for a total of $195.00. Again, this represents excellent saving value money package for the customers.

Pros and Cons:

Before going for them, let us further discuss some basic advantages and disadvantages of these products.


  • There is variety of options and it caters one problem or the other. So we need not switch from one device to the other.
  • Clinical quality is secure and testified which satisfies the consumers.
  • Good for oral and nasal snoring and has mostly positive feedbacks.
  • Offers aids for snorers and others.


  • High cost can be a problem for some of the people.
  • Some products have been reported as uncomfortable which cause irritation and soreness.
  • Some products may cause excessive salivation which can lead to further severe problems.

Wrap Up:

ZenSleep offers a range of products suited to different issues with snoring, which means there is something for everyone here. The clinical background of the company also means that the products are certified high-quality.

Also, while some users may find the products pretty expensive and prohibitive, the number of bundles and options makes ZenSleep deserves to be consumed by those who are in need of a regular snoring solution.


Why It Is Best Snoring Solution?

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