Women And Snoring: You Are Not The Only One



Women And Snoring: You Are Not The Only One

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A harsh or grunting voice that is produced by a man in the state of rest or asleep.

Medical point of view

  •    The fact of Snoring

“Snoring is the symptom but not a disease.”

This line clearly defines the word snoring. Snoring is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep apnea.

  •    Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This disease creates abrupt start and stops breathing during sleep. This is a most common cause apnea from other sleep apnea. This apnea occurs when throat muscles contract and relax. Contraction produced blockage to the airway path. This blockage results in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

  •    Health issues with snoring

With snoring, we may have many health risks and issues. It creates a problem in breathing system that proves to be harmful to our health. With snoring, we also have a poor night sleep due to which our body does not perform the activities in a proper way and we feel sickness and illness, which proves harmful.

Rate of snoring in women

After the research of the disease of snoring, it is confirmed that the rate of snoring is different in different ages of women. After the research, it concluded that before the age of 50 the rate of snoring is less in women than males as it is a sleeping disorder. But after the age of 50 the rate of snoring rather increases or become equal to males.

Women And Snoring

As snoring is a disorder during the sleep which affects the breathing system of human body. This disease causes many of the harmful effects that lead to death to the human body.

Effects of snoring in women

Snoring cause many of the harmful effects on the health and the body of the women. Some of the effects caused by snoring are as follows:

  •    Health issues
  •    Health problems
  •    Headache
  •    Fatigue
  •    Obesity
  •    Downfall in oxygen level
  •    Mental issues
  •    Excessive weight gain
  •    Effect on the memory
  •    Misshapen in the environment
  •    Miserable feeling
  •    Effect on the internal system
  •    Strain on heart
  •    Lack of sleep
  •    Daytime sleep
  •    Depression

These all of the effects are caused by snoring which has many of the harmful effects and also proves to be deadly to humans body.

To stop snoring in women

Women And Snoring


To stop the disease of snoring in women following remedies should be applied to prevent from it:

By changing the position of sleep

When while at the time of sleep the tongue base and the palate which is too soft collapse with each other. In the result of this collapse, the harsh and grunting voice is produced from our throat which is known as snoring.

To save and prevented from the disease of snoring we should have to change the position or the side of sleep in which we suffer from this type of harmful disease that proves to deadly after some time. In the sleeping position at night, our mouth should be slightly open through which we easily breathe and passes the air in and out from our body easily.

Weight loss

By reducing or losing the weight, the women can prevent her from the disease of snoring. When women have excessive weight than at the time the rate of snoring increases. When we have excessive weight around our neck, this disturbs the throat from inside. At the result, throat produces the harsh voice during the time of sleep.

By avoiding alcohol

By drinking too much of the alcohol, this alcohol changes the tune of the throat by which at the time sleep the snoring occurs. As one of the researchers says that if a man never snores will also snore when they sleep after drinking alcohol. So if someone wants to save from the disease of snoring then they should avoid alcohol to prevent them from snoring.

By practicing good sleep hygiene

The person who have poor sleep habits and do not fulfill the needs and the requirements of sleep at that time that person is suffering from the disease of snoring. To prevent the life of a person, one should take proper sleep as it really causes the disease of snoring.

Women And Snoring

By opening nasal passages

At the time of sleep, the person should open their nasal passage through which the person does not breathe easily. At the result, snoring creates from our throat. And at the time of sleep, our mouth is slightly open through which we can breathe easily without any of the trouble.

By stop smoking

By stop smoking, women can save herself from the disease of snoring. It creates many of the troubles while smoking and in the result person snore at the time of sleep. It causes many of the harmful effects on the human body and proves to be deadly.

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