Is Snoring A Symptom Of Heart Problems?

Published On: 17th August 2019
Last Updated On: 18th August 2019

Snoring is a type of disorder that a man while sleeping take breathes with the harsh sounds which were caused by the vibration of soft palate with open mouth.



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Symptoms of snoring

As we know that snoring is a type of disorder and this disorder also have some symptoms which are as follows:

  •    It is witnessed that breathing pauses during sleep.
  •    Excessive daytime sleepiness leads to snoring.
  •    Some concentrating difficulties are also noticed.
  •    Headaches fall in snoring.
  •    The man who is suffering from this disorder feels a sore throat upon awakening.
  •    Restless sleeping leads to this disorder.
  •    During this disorder gasping or choking transpire at night.
  •    The problem of high blood pressure also happens in snoring.
  •    Chest pain also arises in it.
  •    If your snoring is loud it disrupts your partner’s sleep.
  •    Poor attention spans, behavioral issue or poor performance in school to this disorder.

Causes of snoring

Snoring can be caused by various elements such as alcohol utilization, allergies, cold and your weight gain .when you wink and headway from light sleep to a deep sleep and the upper muscles of your mouth called soft palate tongue and throat get relaxed which partially blocks your airway and starts vibrating.If your airway is more narrowed the airflow becomes more forceful which makes your snoring louder.

There are some conditions which affect the airway and cause snoring.

Your mouth structure

The overweight people may have some extra tissues in their back throats which may narrow their airways. For example, if uvula in our mouth broadens in our mouth increased the vibration.

Alcohol utilization

A lot of utilization of alcohol before bedtime cause snoring it affects the efficiency of your throat muscles due to which they can’t fight against airway obstruction. Alcohol contains many harmful chemicals in it that will play an important role in the blockage of the airways. As a result of which a harsh and the grunting voice is produced from the throat which is known as snoring.

Nasal issues

When a man has any kind of problem with their structure of nose then at that time there is an increased rate of risk or the chance of snoring will present in the body of the human beings.

Position of sleep

The position of sleep matters a lot in the occurrence of snoring in the body of human beings. When a man sleeps on their backside that will push their throat and create narrowness in the airways this narrowness will, as a result, produce a sound of snoring.


Alike to the consumption of alcohol smoking  also increase the risk or the chance of snoring. As the smoke of cigarette as the smoke of cigarette contains harmful chemicals that creates a blockage in the airways and as result of which a harsh and the grunting voice is produced from the throat which is known as snoring.

Heart Problems

Proper sleep

The main cause of the effect or the condition of snoring in the body of human beings arises when a person does not take proper sleep at the night time. For the treatment of the condition of snoring the best and the major thing is that take a proper amount of sleep by not taking proper sleep increases the risk of snoring in the body of human beings.  It causes sickness by the person feels ill and drowsy on the whole day.

Harmful medicines

A person who takes a different kind of medicines by soothing effect also suffers from the condition of snoring. This creates drowsiness in the person whole of the day, as a result, there is a symptom of the condition of snoring in the night time during sleep.

Chronic allergy

If a person is suffering from any kind of chronic allergy then at the time that person will also suffer from the effect of snoring. That allergy will cause blockage of the breathing system. As a result of this, a harsh and the grunting voice is produced from a throat as a vibration which is known as treat the condition of snoring the person should have to first treat the allergy present in the body. By treating the allergies a man can be safe from the condition of snoring that causes many harmful effects in the body of human beings.

Enlarged tonsils

Enlarged tonsils are also a common cause of disruption of sleep and snoring in children. Tonsils which are inside the throat are the clusters of lymphoid tissue in the back of the throat. If these tonsils are removed from their throat they got resolution from this disorder called snoring. but some patients in this surgery required more time to recover. Some patients require one week or two weeks. In this surgery, a common complaint is noticed that is bleeding which occurs a week after surgery.

Nasal surgery

There is another cause of snoring is nasal surgery. After this treatment people may see some allergies, polyps, septal deviation and turbinate hypertrophy. But there are some medical treatments which may help some patients. One surgical option is also there to shrink swollen tissues in every side of the nose this surgery is known as a radio frequency turbinate reduction (RFTR). Other surgeries are also there for the improvement of snoring, for example, polyp removal and Septoplasty.

Is snoring a symptom of heart attacks

Yes, snoring is also one of the symptoms of heart or cardiac attacks. Mostly heart attack occurs due to high blood pressure, high cholesterol level or overweight etc of the people. including these diseases, snoring is one of a type of disorder which causes heart attacks or creates cardiac issues.

Heart attack

A heart attack is a typical disease in which due to the loss of supply of blood death of heart muscle occurred and the death of this muscle causes chest pain or pain in the left arm of a man.

This is a disease may occur in any age of life but mostly it is common in old people. snoring is also a type of disorder whose symptoms become the base of heart we know about the symptoms of snoring that the overweight of the people, smoke, alcohol consumption,  nasal airways issues, a structure of mouth etc. these symptoms may also become the base of heart attacks.

Heart Problems

Don’t ignore snore it may cause heart or cardiac attacks

The internal system of a man is very complicated. In our body, a healthy heart plays a vital role to spend an easy and happy life. Our body is the combination of blood, veins, muscles, arteries etc and due to the increase in the thickening in the lining of the two large vessels that supply brain oxygenated blood and if these arteries become hard they may cause may vascular diseases. If we have such types of disease heart attacks will occur.

Risk for Cardiovascular disease

Survey and the research of doctors

Cardiovascular disease is the type of heart disease which may actually be with snoring. There were about 913 patients who were evaluated by the institution sleep center. There were different ages of patients who were evaluated whose age was from 18 to 50 years didn’t have the disease of sleep apnea. While some patients may have a special test in which the thickness of carotid artery was measured because of their habit of snoring. carotid intima-media thickness, a measurement of the innermost two layers of the arterial wall is used to detect the atherosclerotic disease. Compared to non-snorers, in snorers, this disease was found more which was the first sign of carotid artery disease.

Snorers chances of heart attack is more than non-snorers

According to different types of surveys and researchers, we found that as compared to non-snorers, snorers while suffering from a heart attack more. Heart attack risk could be increased by blood pressure, a hormonal disorder caused by this disorder snoring, and those people who are suffering from the disease of sleep apnea are more at the of cardiac disorder.

Snoring is symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)

According to the mayo clinic, researchers in united states found that OSA is a disease which may cause low nighttime oxygen saturation in the blood which may cause risk factor of the disease SCD, there is a fatal irregularity of heartbeat which is called ventricular fibrillation.

According to the disease OSA, some of the patients die suddenly during sleeping which is due to a harsh sound or voice produced from the throat called snoring.

Management of the disorder snoring and sleep apnea

As we know about snoring which is a type of disorder in a human body in which a while sleeping produces harsh voices from his mouth. This type of disorder has various symptoms or causes. Therefore if you see any type of such symptoms in your body you must consult to your doctor because this disorder is very dangerous for you or you may have heart attacks or sudden death during sleep. That’s why in the medical field there are different options such as nasal steroids or sometimes allergy management may help some patients to get rid of this disorder called snoring.

Heart Problems

Medical treatments to get resolution from snoring

Stiffening of palatal procedures

Implant of palatial

In the medical sciences after a great research, they got a treatment to get rid of snoring which is called palatal implant therapy and its also known as pillar producer, in which there is a placement of three polyester which implants into the soft anesthesia in the office. When a man suffering from snoring got this treatment his palate stiffens due to which less vibration is produced in the mouth that causes this disorder known as snoring. from this treatment patients suffering from snoring get relief and they also not have any complaints about it but in rare cases.

Injection therapy for the cure of snoring

This is also a method used in the medical field which is also done under the local anesthesia in the office. In this treatment, a chemical is injected into the soft palate in the mouth. From this treatment, palate stiffens which decreases the vibration and snoring. in this treatment, the commonly used chemical is called sodium tetradecyl sulfate. As compared to other treatment it has lower cost but people got more pain and recovery time in it and for the better results they have this treatment several times.


This treatment is also used for the cure of the disorder snoring which is also done under the local anesthesia. In this process, heat is used to stiffen some portion of the soft palate. For the complete cure or to get the desired results, multiple session of it is required. This treatment also got discomfort as compared to other treatments.

Some remedies to avoid snoring

  •    If you want to get a relief from this disorder you should have to change your sleeping style.
  •    People who are suffering from snoring also reduce some weight. If they start snoring after gaining  weight and before gaining they are non-snorers. They have to lose weight as soon as possible.
  •    Snorers also have to avoid alcohol which is also damaging their other organs of the body.
  •    They have to avoid poor sleeping habits and to get practice of good sleep hygiene.
  •    Snorers should change their pillows to get rid of this disorder.
  •    The patients suffering from snoring must stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids.


After getting all the information about the disorder snoring. We should take care of ourselves and our companions also. We should spread awareness among the public so that the whole society know about its harmful effects in a life of a man. Or if someone has this issue he should consult with the doctor to get resolution or improvement from this disorder. Also, some home remedies should be followed by all of us and by doing this we can easily get rid of this disorder known as snoring which may cause the heart attack or sudden death.  

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