Is Snoring Causing You To Gain Weight?

In order to lead a successful life good health is necessary. A healthy and peaceful mind is able to perform better in life. For a healthy body and active mind a good night’s sleep is required and a number of factors play an important role in order to achieve that goal. These factors include a calm and peaceful environment, sleeping position, snore less sleep and several other factors.

Snoring Causing Gain Weight

A healthy and comfortable sleeping position must be adopted so that your body is able to get complete relaxation and your sleep is not interrupted or disturbed due to any such factor. People who are able to get enough sleep at night are able to wake up with a contended and active state of mind and are able to be productive at work. The pillow and mattress must also be chosen in such a manner that it does not bother you while sleeping and provides all night comfort.

Snoring is caused due to the prevention of free air passage through the nose and throat during sleep which produces an annoying loud sound. The difficulty in breathing causes the throat tissue to vibrate and produces the snoring sound.

People who experience snoring during sleep are not able to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep time and face weird sleeping patterns. Snoring can also prove to be very disturbing for your partners and roommates and affect their sleep time.

Snoring can also be produced due to the position of your tongue during sleep which can cause the blockage of air and prevent its free passage. Snoring can cause a number of other health issues and it must be cured by following a number of tips and medicines without any delay.

Causes and symptoms of snoring

The common causes of snoring include the following:

  • With the passage of time when a person reaches middle age the throat is narrowed and muscles of the throat also become less toned due to which snoring can occur.
  • High quantity of fatty acids in body is also a very common cause of snoring which is due to the poor toning of muscles in obese people. Regular exercise and maintain a healthy body mass index can prevent snoring.
  • Some people have naturally narrow throats which becomes a vital cause for snoring. According to studies conducted by medical specialists men have usually narrower throats as compared to women and the percentage of men who snore is double as compared to women.
  • Sinus can also be a cause of snoring as in this condition the airways are blocked partially and inhaling is difficult.
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol and smoking can also be a major cause of snoring.
  • You sleeping posture can also cause snoring and the position in which maximum snoring is experienced is sleeping flat on your back.

The symptoms experienced by a snorer are mentioned as following:

  • A loud and unpleasant noise produced while sleeping which proves to be very annoying and disturbing for you as well as family members and roommates.
  • Feeling drowsy and sleepy throughout the day is also a symptom of a snorer.
  • Difficulty to concentrate on work, studies and any other task at hand is also another vital symptom of a person suffering from snoring.
  • Experiencing frequent headache may also prove to be a symptom of snoring.
  • Suffering from a sore throat can also prove to be a very major symptom of snoring.
  • A snorer may also experience gasping and choking during the night which prevent them from sleeping with a relaxed and peaceful state of mind and enables the patient to face irregular sleeping patterns.
  • People suffering from snoring can also experience high blood pressure.
  • Difficulty in breathing and experiencing chest pain during the night can also occur due to snoring.
  • The partners and roommates of snorers can also experience a loud and annoying voice during the night which can cause them to face sleep deprivation and disturbance.

Snoring Causing Gain Weight

Snoring types

There are four types of snoring basically which are mentioned below:

Closed Mouth Snoring: In this snoring type the person is experience issues with their tongue which is responsible for blockage of air passage.

Open Mouth Snoring: This snoring type is linked with the throat tissues being affected due to which a person experiences snoring.

Snoring in sleeping on your back position: This type is a mild snoring type in which the user experiences snoring when they sleep on their back during night. This snoring type can be easily cured by following a healthy and balanced diet and changing your sleep position.

Snoring in all sleep positions: This is a severe type of snoring which is experienced  by users in all sleeping positions. The users need to go to a medical specialist and take proper medication in order to get rid of it.

Weight gain due to snoring

The sleep patterns of a person are largely affected due to snoring as snoring does not let a person to enjoy a peaceful sleep during the night. The quality and length of the sleep is also affected by snoring and people suffering from this issue are not able to enjoy continuous and sound sleep.

According to various studies conducted by different medical institutes it has been proven that short, interrupted and ineffective sleep time due to snoring can lead to weight gain. And weight gain can lead to a number of health issues which include elevated sugar levels resulting in diabetes type2, hypertension, and other fatal health conditions which can be avoided if a healthy weight in maintained.

Snoring Causing Gain Weight

A comprehensive and detailed study of 68,183 women was conducted who were suffering from habitual sleep issues were started in 1986 and it continued for 16 years. It was observed that women who slept for five hours daily or less than that gained 30 pounds more than women who sleep for seven hours daily or longer than that. These interesting facts were published by the American journal of epidemiology.

Gaining weight due to sleeping disorders becomes a continuous process and steps must be takes in order to resolve this issue as soon as possible. When a person suffering from snoring gains weight it causes more severs snoring due to extra fat around the neck and throat due to which snoring becomes more severs and more weight gain is experienced.

Gaining more weight with the passage of time can also lead to sleep apnea which is a sleeping disorder in which a person experiences interrupted breathing throughout the night which can last up to 10 seconds for each occurrence. This process can be repeated for over a hundred times during the night and it can prove to be very disturbing for the person suffering from sleep apnea.

The person suffering from this sleeping disorder often wakes up and cannot enjoy a good night’s sleep which is very unhealthy and annoying as well. So in order to prevent sleep apnea from ruining your sleep medical help should be consulted as early as possible.

If you suffer from snoring issue a number of steps can be takes in order to counter this issues which will also lead to less weight gain and a healthier lifestyle. Some people recommend that one must use pajamas which contain a tennis ball sewn into the back side so that you are not able to sleep on your back and overcome the snoring problem.

If you suffer from snoring issue caused due to sinus congestion it’s highly recommended to use a humidifier as the extra humidity contained in it will help you to drain your sinuses and shrinking your nasal mucous which as a result is responsible for improving the flow of air passing through the nasal cavity and throat. This result in less snoring and helps you to sleep better throughout the night.

Using extra pillows under your feet also enable the users to sleep better and it also heals the snoring issue better and lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep during the night. Some dentists also recommend the use of mouth guards which are responsible for pushing out the lower jaw and allowing more air to flow through the throat and prevent the throat cavity from collapsing.

Snore guards are also available in the market which can help you overcome the snoring people and avoid obesity leading to various other health issues. Nasal strips are also manufactured which can be responsible for pulling open the nasal passages and help snorers to sleep better.

In addition to following these simple steps the snorers must follow a proper healthy diet on do exercise on regular basis in order to remain fit and healthy. A workout session on daily basis helps you to remain fit and healthy with toned muscles and enables you to maintain a good body mass index so that you can lead a healthy and active lifestyle. A healthy mind and body also enables the users to carry out their daily work routine in a very effective and efficient manner and lead a successful life.

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