Snoring Aids That Deliver: A Review Of ZenSleep’s ZenGuard

Review of ZenSleep's ZenGuard

Let’s be honest: Snoring sounds hilarious. Everyone likes to joke about the noises a friend, boss or relative makes when they sleep, comparing the sound to a construction site, a machine gun, a shop class, and so forth. Indeed, snoring may even be what we find endearing about a loved one.


Review of ZenSleep's ZenGuard

The thing is, though, snoring is actually not at all a laughing matter. If left ignored, what seems like relatively harmless wheezing and grunting can lead to serious repercussions, including in love and friendship. Snoring can even be a sign and cause of numerous health concerns.

Yes, snoring can be DANGEROUS

Snoring is a well-known indicator of sleep apnea, a serious, life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. If left untreated, sleep apnea has the potential to be fatal.

But sleep apnea is not the only problem snoring can cause — another effect of snoring of sleepIt is also a fact that millions of people around the world have snoring problems. Another potential consequence of snoring is sleep deprivation.

Snoring affects the sleep quality of both snorers and their loved ones. The constant disruption snoring causes in normal sleep patterns leads to a wide range of issues — heart trouble, fatigue, and emotional upheaval are just a few among many. All of these can change a person’s life drastically and create long-term distress.

Snoring can also impact long-term relationships, and this effect has been proven scientifically. One 2013 report found that snoring was the third most common cause of divorce, following only infidelity and financial problems. This means that even relationships that manage to deal successfully with faithfulness and money may still crumble due to snoring.


Snoring Solutions to Save the Day

Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid these terrible consequences. Neither you nor your partner has to endure the deafening sound of the monstrous snore.

Snoring aids like ZenGuard exist so that no one has to lose sleep or suffer inordinate pressure on their health or relationships.

About ZenGuard

Review of ZenSleep's ZenGuard

ZenGuard is a very simple yet effective anti-snoring device that was developed by ZenSleep, a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their primary objective was and remains to be to develop anti-snoring devices that really work.

ZenSleep is actually more than just a manufacturer of snoring devices. The company’s dedicated sleep lab develops products that have been proven effective by numerous clinical trials.



ZenSleep offers a range of devices to help stop snoring, such as nasal vents and tongue-restraining devices (TRDs) like ZenGuard. They also offer ear plugs that you or your partner can use until your ZenGuard arrives and you’ve had a chance to get used to it.

ZenGuard is the device I will focus on in this review. The device resembles a baby’s pacifier, but it is actually very effective in putting an ending to snoring, and has been classified as one of the leading TRDs on the market today.

What is a TRD?

When we talk about tongue restraining devices, we’re referring to one of the two main types of oral appliances used to prevent snoring. TRDs are the devices that work by holding your tongue forward while you sleep so it doesn’t obstruct the airway.Review of ZenSleep's ZenGuard

ZenGuard is one of the many TRDs readily available online. Keeping the tongue forward while you sleep is one of the most effective ways of preventing snoring. The tongue is a muscle. When you sleep, just like any other muscle in your body, your tongue relaxes. When this happens, your tongue falls victim to gravity.

Since many of us sleep on our backs or sides, the tongue will tend to fall back towards the throat. This blocks your airway either partially or completely. Breathing is an unconscious act, and as your brain struggles to get enough air pumped into your lungs, your body will force the air through.

The sheer force of the air being pushed through that obstructed airway causes vibrations in the relaxed areas around your throat, resulting in the snore sound that people find so obnoxious. ZenGuard takes away the possibility of the tongue collapsing against the back of the throat so there will be no blockage and no awful snoring.

Does ZenGuard Work?

People with large tongues are prone to snoring because the larger the part is, the greater the blockage it creates. Based on clinical trials and customer reviews, TRDs in general have been proven to efficiently lessen snoring by preventing the major causes of blockage.

ZenGuard, as the leading TRD, can be the best solution to your snoring problem if your affliction is caused by a large and loose tongue that always seems to find its way to your throat as it gravitates towards the back of your mouth.

But what is the actual ZenGuard device really like? How does it keep your partner from transferring to the next room?

ZenGuard is made in the shape of a bulb with protruding edges. This bulb is what holds your tongue in a forward position. It keeps your tongue outside of your mouth so it won’t block the airway while you sleep. So simple, right? It holds your tongue with the use of gentle pressure to keep it inside the bulb while the edges rest against your lips and teeth for stability.

The device is worn by pushing it gently against the tip of your tongue until its sides come in contact with your tongue. By squeezing the bulb gently, you create both space for your tongue and suction as you slip your tongue in.

The suction holds your tongue. Just by pumping the bulb gently a few times, your tongue will fit comfortably and firmly in the device. (Just make sure not to over-pump the device, as too much suction can cause discomfort.)

The ZenGuard only comes in one size, and you know what they say about one-size-fits-all solutions. The ZenGuard really only needs to be one size, though. By simply squeezing the device, you can help find the right fit for your tongue.

Preparing Your ZenGuard for Use

As with all kinds of snoring aids, the ZenGuard takes some getting used to. This is especially true of TRD devices, which hold the tongue in a position that it’s unaccustomed to. (Only dogs really enjoy leaving their tongues wagging out, whether they’re asleep or awake!)

It’s not advisable to use the ZenGuard through the night on the first try. It’s going to be a lot better for you if you can spend enough time to find your “comfort zone” by experimenting with the device. You can get the best results and experience the least discomfort if you test it while you are awake — that way you’ll be ready to wear it while sleeping.

On the day you receive it, give it a good rinsing and practice slipping it on. Play around with how many pumps you need to get it to give you enough suction to keep it in place without hurting yourself. Wear it for a few hours while watching television, reading a book, or doing something that doesn’t require the use of your mouth.

Once you determine the right amount of suction for your tongue and still effective at holding it in place, you’ll be able to gauge what will work for a full night’s sleep.

In some cases, you will need to mold the ZenGuard a little bit to get a perfect fit. Every tongue is unique, after all, and some adjustments must be made on all TRDs for them to fit you just right. The recommended process by ZenSleep is rinsing the ZenGuard in hot water.

The device is made of medical-grade silicone, so holding the device under hot water will soften the material. This will make it easier for you to slip your tongue into the device to get the most comfortable fit. You can do this before every use without damaging it. You should also rinse your ZenGuard in hot water after every use to keep it clean and fresh.

ZenSleep recommends that you avoid using mouthwash to rinse your device — in fact, it is best to not use mouthwash at all before wearing it. Mouthwash and other similar dental hygiene products contain chemicals that can damage the silicone material that ZenGuard is made of.

Having traces of these chemicals on your tongue or any part of your mouth may be enough to cause damage. If your device becomes damaged in this way, the device may no longer work as advertised. You won’t be able to return the product, either, because you would have also voided the warranty.

There are many other types of TRDs on the market that are similar to the ZenGuard. Apart from design and pricing, there’s really not much difference between these devices. ZenGuard is one of the smaller and more affordable devices, and its simple design makes it easy to use. 


The device is affordable and relatively cheaper compared to its competitors such as Good Morning Snore Solution and the aveoTSD.


Lack of instruction manual that comes with the box.  It’s quite difficult to figure out fresh out of the box and it would really help to have instructions to read without going online and getting them from the website.

It takes quite some time to adjust.  The first few days are filled with discomfort when trying it on, and if you don’t spend time to “practice,” things will not get easier.  It takes time for your mouth, tongue and brain to come to an agreement, so patience is required.


In terms of effectiveness, the ZenGuard lives up to the hype because using it nightly does reduce the snoring instances giving you and your partner a good night sleep.  If snoring has somehow put a strain in your relationship with the people you sleep next to, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for because it’s one of the few snoring aids that works as advertised.

Though people have different levels of tolerance for pain, with proper practice and familiarization time, you will eventually find that comfort level you’ve been targeting.  Of course, you need to be patient and dedicated as well to make it work but, with all things considered, the device lives up to expectations.

If you have a large mouth and/or tongue, ZenGuard is perfect for you. So stop hesitating, and get your own now!



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