SnoreRx Review

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SnoreRx ReviewWhen I ordered SnoreRx, I looked forward to trying out its unique features. I’ve tried many Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) in the past and was hoping for great results from SnoreRx. There are many benefits to

using Snapshot: SnoreRx over other MADs, from the amazing customization to the high-quality material selection, but most of all it is effective, but there are some drawbacks to consider.

Overall I had a great experience with the SnoreRx mouthpiece and think that it will be the perfect fit for a lot of snorers. However, when compared to other mouthpieces and anti-snoring products out there I found it lacking.

For example compared to SnoreRx, another anti-snoring solution from ZenSleep (which I would classify as revolutionary) is far superior. ZenSleep is also much more affordable and more effective without the jaw pain I experienced while testing SnoreRx.

Update: This review was recently updated, the latest version of ZenSleep’s 5-in-1 Stop Snoring System is currently having a Buy One Get One Free Sale.

Snore Rx Advantages

  • Flex-Jaw design can be adjusted in ten one-millimeter increments.
  • Calibrator makes it easy to read the settings and to determine the amount of jaw advancement.
  • Posi-Lock feature locks in your selected settings. So, if you take it apart while cleaning, it will reset.
  • V-Flow technology allows you to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. This is a terrific feature for individuals with sinus problems, a deviated septum, and nasal polyps.
  • Boil-and-bite technology achieves a custom fit.
  • Free of BPA, latex, and acrylic using the medical-grade material.
  • United States Food and Drug Administration cleared.
  • Product and all materials are made in America.
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AMASS) certification.
  • No metal or materials that could create torsion or continuous pressure are used, so your comfort is guaranteed.
  • A lifespan of 12 to 15 months.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee.

Snore Rx Disadvantages

  • The intricate design requires additional cleaning effort.
  • The mouthpiece can’t be worn by individuals with dentures or bridges. Not recommended for those with dental implants that are less than one-year-old.
  • May cause sensitivity and drooling until you are accustomed to wearing it.
  • Most reviewers experience jaw pain and headaches as a result of using this device.

SnoreRx Review


SnoreRx is an effective and affordable mouthpiece with amazing features unavailable in other MADs. However, the jaw pain is an issue that I can’t overlook. It may work for many snorers but I recommend oral device solutions from ZenSleep™ over SnoreRx.

If it sounds like I am overly all about ZenSleep™, it is because I truly am. I have yet to find a product that performs better than ZenSleep™ to stop snoring without the pain of MAD devices.

If you are looking for a snoring solution that is comfortable, effective, durable, and safe, I highly recommend ZenSleep™.

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