SnoreRX: A Mandibular Advancement Device To Stop Snoring

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe… That is what you do every time you have the need to choose from one product to another. Nevertheless, that should not be the case. On personal things you need for yourself, making the correct decision is crucial. Setting the standard to address your needs must be of high regard. So how would you know what you have to buy? Exactly this. Reading.


A Mandibular Advancement Device To Stop Snoring

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Reading reviews is integral in buying decisions. It gives you not just ideas but you also gain important information and in this case, about snoring aids. With so many different products and designs, snoring seem to be a more difficult issue to handle than what you think.

This article will further provide you with vital information that you need to know from this snoring solution, SnoreRX. So get more facts and enjoy reading.

With so many brands and types to choose from, we will let you know why SnoreRX is a great solution to minimize snoring and obtain that peaceful quality sleep you deserve. You will also get to know what is the make and model of this snoring mouthpiece, its components, and special features. We will also show you the pros and cons of this anti snoring device.

There may be many concerns that go through your head as you continue the search for the best anti snoring aid. To begin with, you have to distinguish which type of snorer you are, the position of your sleep, and the intensity of your snore. Another thing you need to address is if you have sleep apnea. Never forget to visit your doctor before purchasing devices that has contact to your body.

Always look out for your safety and best interest as a precautionary measure. It will save you from any future health risks or problems that may happen along the way. Take into consideration all these things and you will be good to go in your search for the perfect mouthpiece.

What isSnoreRX?

SnoreRX is another type of Mandibular Advancement Device or MAD. MAD is a corrective snoring mouthpiece that addresses snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). SnoreRX helps eliminate snoring by keeping the jaw slightly protruded as you sleep.

The man behind SnoreRX is Jim Fallon who is an American Neuroscientist and the owner of Apnea Sciences Corporation. It was founded in 2009 which is based in California. He brought together a team of engineers to develop this great snoring mouthpiece.

This anti snoring aid is a “boil and bite” MAD. It means that you have to submerge it in freshly boiled water before fitting it into your mouth. Due to its highly malleable material, when heated, it conforms into the exact molding of your intra oral (inside the mouth). It imitates the impression of your teeth making sure that it snugly fits every curve to secure the placement of your mouth as you sleep.

Its materials are made of medical grade plastics on both top and bottom chambers together with the insert pads which cushion the teeth. All materials are hypoallergenic and FDA approved. Parts and pieces are all U.S. made in Southern California.

It is not a choking hazard because all four of its components’ sizes are significant. According to the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, it recognizes oral appliances such as SnoreRX to be safe and efficient as snoring remedies.

This snoring solution is a well thought device. The company ensures the users of its product’s safety. It does not only think of efficiency in use but also considers the well-being of the person wearing the mouthpiece. Altogether, it is a snoring mouthpiece that delivers effectiveness and safety.

How Does It Work?

SnoreRX is a custom-fit Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). It operates in keeping the lower jaw slightly protruded from the upper portion of the mouth. With this function, it prevents the airway from being blocked. As you lay in bed, gravity pulls your body down. This is also true inside the mouth of people who snore.

Mandibular Advancement DeviceParts of the Mouth:

  •    Hard Palate
  •    Soft Palate
  •    Uvula
  •    Tonsil
  •    Tongue
  •    Gingiva
  •    Vestibule of Mouth

For people who snore, there is a vibration that is happening inside the mouth.
It is caused by the tongue, uvula, tonsils and soft palate touching or rubbing against each other. When these internal parts rub or touch, it then cause vibration that produce sound as you lay down during sleep. Depending on the status of your internal mouth and sometimes weight, is the level of the volume of the snore.

Noting what is going on inside the mouth, this is where SnoreRX comes in literally. Once you already custom fit your snoring mouthpiece, it is already good to be used. SnoreRX hinges the teeth both upper and lower. The lower part is where it focuses.

It moves the lower part to gently bring the jaw forward. When the jaw is slightly moved, the tongue, uvula, tonsils and soft palate will not have the opportunity to touch each other thus avoiding the vibration to occur. It then clears the air passage from any obstructions eliminating snore.

What is good about SnoreRX snoring solution is that it is adjustable by increments of 1 millimeter. Calibration allows the advancement of the lower jaw up to 10 millimeters keeping the airway open and unobstructed. The mouthpiece can be recalibrated safely anytime for a better setting and comfort.

It does not have screws, nuts, bolts and wires that can be a choking hazard or cause a tooth to get chipped off. It does not compromise the user’s safety at all cost. These are the elements that you have to be mindful of when you consider buying a snoring mouthpiece.

Is the Price Right?

For many, this is one big concern. We always ask “how much?” For a device that can provide better sleep, it is priced at $99 as a special promo. The regular price is at $129/pc. You can also avail 2 SnoreRX mouthpieces for a special price of $154 which is a bargain.

You can avail of this snoring mouthpiece online by going to the website and place an order. It will be shipped from California with these shipping options…

For Domestic

United States Postal Service: First Class Delivery – 5-7 business


FedEx:  Priority Overnight – Next business day, afternoon

Standard overnight – Next business day, by 7:00 PM

2 Day – Two Business days

Express Saver – 3 business days

FedEx deliveries are strictly during business days from Mondays-Fridays and with no Saturday deliveries.

And for International

FedEx: International Economy – 4-6 business days

International Priority – 1-3 business days

Canada: A fulfillment center in Canada will ship your order within 1

to 3 business days. Once your item has shipped, you will be receive an email notification.

Delivery time depends on customs clearance. Customer is deemed responsible for all duties/taxes.

The company offers a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee if you are a bit unsatisfied and 30 days more for those really unsatisfied users. Just return the product and you will receive a product refund minus the shipping fee. The refund is credited back to the credit card used in the transaction.

How Effective Is It?

Based on many reviews and user feedbacks, many users find SnoreRX very effective. According to its website alone, which has 646 posted reviews, the rating given to the snoring mouthpiece is 4.6 stars out of 5.

It may not be a whole lot of number but for sure statistics will always speak for itself. Even if the main concern was the soreness and adaptability to the device, what was evident in those feedbacks was the outcome. It immediately stopped them from snoring.

Based on an internal audit done from 2012-2015, more than 90% of users attested of positive feedbacks when they started using the anti snoring device. It gave them better quality of sleep. Unlike other product claim of 99% effectiveness, SnoreRX do not boast of such, just very practical and realistic claims.

What Makes SnoreRX Different From Others?

There are unique features that this snoring mouthpiece offers which others do not.  It is certified by the American Sleep Association. SnoreRx is the only mouthpiece that reduces snoring exceeding the new product performance standards of Medicare. These features are:

  •    Mandibular micro adjustment – one millimeter increment
  •    Posi-Lock™ – Locks in the desired setting without the risk of changing into a different setting
  •    Dual durometer design to increase comfort
  •    V Flow – patented open front design for unobstructed airflow
  •    Thermal Matrix Design – uses a thermal matrix material which allows the user to custom fit and personalize the snoring mouthpiece

It also prevents constant pressure or spinning  which may lead to pain and tendonitis. Made of copolymer which is very malleable and durable. It can be refitted if it failed to evidently define teeth marks. SnoreRX mouthpiece can be reboiled up to three times. It is FDA approved and cleared for the decrease of snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Device

Preparation and Adjustment of SnoreRX

  1. Place the mug with water in the microwave and bring it to full boil.
  2. Carefully place the mug on a flat surface. Submerge SnoreRx in the boiled water exactly 90 seconds. Cautiously remove the mouthpiece with tongs or spatula.
  3. In a bowl of tap water, immediately dip SnoreRx for about two to three seconds to cool it down a bit.
  4. With the “UPPER” marking place it in the mouth. Firmly bite into the snoring device for 30 seconds. *Note: SnoreRx will not burn your mouth because it does not retain.
  5. Finally, remove SnoreRx anti snoring mouthpiece from the mouth. To set the impression, immerse it in a bowl of tap water for at least 60 seconds.
  6. Take out the snoring mouthpiece from the bowl and try it on.
  7. Adjust the lower chamber by squeezing and moving the tray.

The fitting process only takes about 5-7 minutes. If ever the fitting is uncomfortable, do the whole process once more. You can re-boil the snoring device up to three times.

Biases and Partialities

We need to lay out everything to you so here are the pros and cons of this unique MAD.


  •    It allows ten 1mm increment adjustments for your most comfortable fit.
  •    Integrated calibrator makes it easy to set up the snoring device or make any adjustments.
  •    Materials are medical grade which is acrylic, latex and BPA free. The copolymer material is durable, malleable, and soft making sure that the gums are pain free and will not experience irritation.
  •    FDA cleared for your peace of mind.
  •    Max Flow air holes to encourage natural breathing during sleep.
  •    Lifespan is 12 to 15 month longer than its competitors.
  •    The cushioned chamber is gentle on the teeth and ideal for those who grind the teeth during sleep.
  •    30 day unconditional satisfaction guarantee and another 30 day money back guarantee which allows the buyer to experience the product risk-free. Product can be returned and refunded as per guidelines of the return policy.
  •    Cost effective compared to its counterparts.
  •    Sold worldwide – available in 39 countries.
  •    Advanced design – does not use springs, screws, or rubber bands. Hazard free.
  •    Fast shipping – buyer receives the device within 3-5 days after ordering through FedEx


  •    Cleaning is a little tedious due to its intricate design.
  •    Not advisable for those who wear dental prosthetics such as dentures, veneers, caps, crowns, or bridges.
  • Unsuitable for those with loose or weak teeth. Not recommended to those who have dental implants under 1 year.
  •    Drooling and soreness will be experienced on the first few times of wearing but will gradually stop a few days after use.
  •    Not suitable for those with gag reflex or who can’t tolerate the feeling of a full mouth during sleep.

Mandibular Advancement Device


In general, SnoreRX is one of the most effective and ideal snoring mouthpiece that is available in the market. It offers features that are unique to its brand. It delivers the desired outcome. Return policy is acceptable. Considering every pros and cons, it is by far exceeding the features and benefits of other similar products. It gives many options for comfort and thoughtful of your welfare.

Just remember to read the instructional manual for proper guidance. Visit your doctor just in case there are issues you need to discuss with them. Never forget that your well-being is the most important of all and your sleep is included in that.

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