Snore Guard: Does It Work?

“Laugh and the world laughs with you snore and you sleep alone”
– Anthony Burgess

Anti Snoring Aids such as Mouthpieces are said to be the most effective snoring solution compared to other devices. If you are a heavy snorer, an anti snoring mouthpiece is an ideal device to help you and/or your partner to get through a peaceful night of sleep. It is indeed inconvenient to be deprived of your sleep.

In what you are about to read, you will learn the meaning of MAD and what it does. You will understand how this particular anti snoring device works and helps you get rid of snoring. Get more familiar with Snore Guard, an anti snoring mouthpiece. What the benefits are, how it works, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What is MAD?

MAD stands for Mandibular Advancement Devices. The scientific term for the jawbone is called “mandible” which originates from the Latin word Mandibula. Advancement aids the jawbone in its correct position. In layman’s term, MAD is a device for holding the jaw in place while sleeping. If you are an open mouth heavy snorer, this type of snoring device is for you.

Snore Guard Work

How Does MAD work?

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) is the most usual type of dental sleep device available. This snoring mouthpiece which is also called intra oral devices or dental sleep devices is also used for treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and not just snoring.

MAD aids in minimizing airflow resistance and restrictions that occurs at the throat where vibrations are being produced. It helps by holding the jaw, together with the tongue, in its respective places. It keeps the jaw from dropping further back whether you are a back or side sleeper. When the tongue is in its place, it doesn’t obstruct with the soft palate, tonsils, uvula, and the throat which reduces the airflow resistance that produces snoring.

In previous years, MAD’s fitting are molded into your teeth to provide the exact structure of the intra oral (inside of the mouth). The procedure is similar to having a fitting for dentures. Due to technology, some MAD is ready to use because it was further developed with regards to its mechanisms, function, and material. However, some companies decided to stick with the original concept but tweaked it just a little bit.

Different companies developed their own make and model of MAD which they think will provide more benefits and better functionality. Each anti snoring mouthpiece is carefully engineered to provide the perfect fit, design, and result for that perfect mouthpiece the user is looking for

Snore Guard Anti Snore Mouth Guard

Snore Guard has been around since 1989 and is another type of MAD that functions as a jaw support snoring mouthpiece. There is another brand with the same name but don’t get confused between the two. Snore Guard is a prescribed snoring solution. It is one of a kind compared to most mandibular advancement devices which is a one-size-fits all mouthpiece. Its make and model is somewhat similar to its counterparts but there is one aspect which separates this snoring solution from others.

This intra oral device requires to be fitted professionally. In most countries, Snore Guard does not require prescription but in the U.S. dentists need to prescribe it. It will be fitted at your dentist’s clinic which only takes 10-15 minutes.

This has been clinically tested and proven effective. Its efficiency is highly based on how it perfectly fits your teeth. It should hold everything in your mouth together to make sure nothing will slip out of position as you slumber. In theory, compared to one-size-fits-all mouthpieces, the efficacy is higher since it is custom-made to fit into your mouth.

Snore Guard Work

The claim – “Clinically proven, up to 99% of Snore Guard users report reduced snoring!” – is backed up. There had been five clinical studies conducted which proves its efficiency of up to 99% in treatment of snoring.

The patented, FDA approved intra oral device is already proven to help remove snoring. The Air Flow Technology feature apertures at the front of the mouthpiece gives way to unrestricted mouth breathing. It helps the jaw from falling back towards the throat that can inhibit the air passage from airflow. Keeping the airway free significantly reduces snoring.

It is made with a distinctive inner layer that is softened by heat. The device is patterned into the patient’s teeth to securely fit in. It is designed to hold your lower jaw comfortably but in a slightly forward position while asleep. This intra oral device fits securely and easy to wear. It is a one-piece device that does not involve any screws, wires or elastic bands. It aids in keeping the airway open to eliminate snoring.

According to customer feedbacks, Snore Guard does what it is supposed to do. Though there will be challenges on the first few days of wearing it but when you get adjusted to this snoring mouthpiece, it does its job really well. This intra oral device is comfortable to use, regardless of the sleeping position (whether you are a back or side sleeper) working throughout your whole sleep.

How Does Snore Guard works?

Snore Guard is FDA approved to remedy these sleeping problems: snoring and light to moderate (OSA) obstructive sleep apnea. It is an intra oral (in the mouth) transposing snoring device that holds the jaw in a protruding position to draw the tongue forward keeping the airway open during sleep. This is called mandibular repositioning, while your jaw is held forward or maintained in its proper position, it will keep the airway open to prevent vibrations that produce snoring.

The snoring device tightly fits on the upper teeth. When the jaw shuts, the teeth at the lower anterior naturally hit the back of the upper teeth. It is then stimulated by the natural movement of the jaw moving towards past the upper teeth resulting to a slightly protruded lower jaw. Moving the lower jaw slightly forward reduces the occurrence of snoring. The patented Air Flow Technology which is the opening in front of the snoring device allows unobstructed mouth breathing.

There are intra oral devices designed particularly for bruxism (clenching or grinding teeth). It works in keeping your teeth apart avoiding contact as you sleep but it is not meant to reposition your jaw and the rest of your lower mouth in place to eliminate snoring. This is why it is really necessary to properly recognize the problem to provide the correct solution.

The fitting procedure secures the jaw in perfect position – not too protruded to cause distress or far behind causing the soft tissues to still rub together. The idea is to make an impression of your intra oral making sure that the Snore Guard is exactly fitted to maximize the benefits of the anti snoring device.

Snore Guard makes sure that there will be no difficulties in using their mouthpiece. With the patented Air Flow Technology, it allows normal breathing through the mouth.

Snore Guard Work

Since it is somewhat corrective like having braces, there may be some gum, tooth or jaw discomfort. It typically lasts a couple of days until you get used to it and the device is well adjusted to the conforms of your mouth. If in case the pain is unbearable or it continues, immediately stop using the anti snoring device and go back to your dentist.

If you are outside the U.S., you can actually custom fit the Snore Guard on your own. This is what you need to do:

In a small pot bring water to a rolling boil. When the water is already boiling, remove from heat. Submerge the Snore Guard mouthpiece for 3 minutes. Remove it and quickly dip the Snore Guard in cold water for one second. Place it in your mouth and let it rest for at least a minute, and there you go! The intra oral device is ready to be used.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Solutions may be the answer to our problems but expectations always leave us disappointed. This is always true to products we buy however, we always need to remind ourselves that there is always a small percentage for setbacks. In this case, this snoring device got some setbacks too. The information you read online might give you all the positive aspects, benefits and good reviews but when you already tried it, you find it worthless.

We all have to accept the fact that no solution can provide a 100% result. Snore Guard, regardless of how impressive this might look, it still has setbacks and limits on its claim. Acceptance is key.


We already discussed about the Snore Guard’s features. Now, let’s dig deeper with this snoring device.

Aesthetically, this snoring solution looks sleek, wearable, non-abrasive and well conceptualized. It also seems it will last a very long time. Materials used are FDA approved and its airflow technology is patented. It seeks to achieve the users well being by being mindful of what to consider in acquiring a sleeping aid. Clinically proven and tested. Guidelines are clear and precautionary measures are given. It offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Meanwhile, it is still somehow bothersome why Snore Guard needs prescription, in the U.S. The claim is too certain. It takes time to adjust and painful within the first days. It looks like a mouth guard. There is a need to go back to the dentist for fitting. The parent company is still unknown. More pricey than expected since you need to go to a medical and dental office on separate occasions for prescription and then fitting.

Why and More Whys

For such a snoring mouthpiece, it is difficult for some to understand why it needs prescription in the U.S. and outside the country it is just another over-the-counter snoring device. Perhaps, rather than looking at it negatively, there might be stricter measures in U.S. compared to some countries.

For instance, this intra oral device is also considered ideal to be used for people who suffer from snoring with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It would just make sense to be assisted by a medical or dental practitioner rather than getting more serious health issues in the future.

Another issue is Snore Guard’s claim of 99% to effectively stop snoring. There are studies backing up their claim and it is still up to you whether or not to believe the clinical report and the company’s claim. In the website itself, it also offers insurance claim but only to those who has OSA. So this information is clearly indicated.

However, all our queries are valid especially if a particular product will cost us big money. Which company manufactures Snore Guard? It is quite odd for a product not to bear its company name. It may be a red flag but since Snore Guard had been in the market since 1989, it may not be a big issue for most.


Snore Guard mouthpiece is still clinically tested and proven effective by so many users. It has been in the market for nearly 20 years and people still believe in this snoring aid. Regardless of the negative concerns raised against Snore Guard, it is still undoubtedly very efficient. It is also logical to consider visiting a doctor, at any case, because you should always take into account any future health risks that might happen to you or your partner.

At the end of the day, it is still your choice. You will decide which works for you best. Sleep is an essential aspect of your daily life. You need to assure yourself of quality rest. Knowing what would be the perfect sleeping aid for you is the best thing you can do for yourself. Information such as feedbacks and reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt. It is your experience with the anti snoring aid that will speak for itself and nothing else.

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