Sleep Tight Mouthpiece VS. ZQuiet: A Review

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

Sleep tight mouthpiece is specially designed for the cure and the treatment of the disease of snoring. This mouthpiece created by a dentist from US Dr. Mike Williams. He was the member of American Academy Of Sleep medicine. The doctor himself was suffering from the deadly disease of snoring. So after when he was tired of this harmful disease so use to introduce the great care for snoring.

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece Review

Advantages of Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

As we know that sleep tight mouthpiece is used for the cure of the snoring. This mouthpiece has many of the advantages in which some of them are as follows:

  • There is a hole in the mouthpiece through which the user can breathe easily. It helps with our breathing system.
  • The best material is used in the creation of this type of mouthpiece.
  • This type of mouthpiece is created by the experienced and qualified dentist who really in need of the treatment of this harmful disease.
  • It can easily fit in our jaws that we can easily or with no trouble move our mouth and can speak by using it.
  • The user uses it as their medicine for the cure of this disease.

ZQuiet mouthpiece

ZQuiet Review

ZQuiet is basically a mouthpiece which is specially designed to stop or cure the disease of snoring which proves too harmful to our body. To prevent the body from the different types of health issues which cause dangerous and lead the life of a person to the stage of death. At this time for the cure and prevention of the symptom of snoring a special type of mouthpiece was designed which is ZQuiet mouthpiece.

Advantages of ZQuiet mouthpiece

There are many positive points and the advantages of ZQuiet mouthpiece. In which some of them are as follows:

  • The material through which these special mouthpieces are produced was very soft and not irritates its users at all.
  • This cure for the disease of snoring does not have latex or the BPA in it, which may cause harm to the man’s body. That it does not proves to be deadly to someone’s life.
  • This mouthpiece is created with the latest technology that when we use it, it is so flexible. That at the time of its using we can move our mouth easily and in fact, we can also speak during the use of these special design mouthpieces.
  • While during at the time of sleep it allows our mouth to be, slightly open because of which the air particles can easily enter and moves in our body.
  • The great positive point of these mouthpieces is that at the time of delivery we receive two mouthpieces. At the time of any of the one mouthpiece will be damaged we have the option to use the second of the mouthpiece. This fact of it increases the durability of these special design mouthpieces.
  • There is not any specific process to fit the mouthpiece we can use it very easily as it is very much flexible.

Comparison of sleep tight mouthpiece with ZQuiet mouthpiece

ZQuiet Review

• Process of fitting

In the process of fitting, there is a boil and bite process through which the user fit. Whereas in the process of fitting of ZQuiet mouthpiece, there is not any specific process to fix it. In fact, the user also set it according to their own size.

• Design

To compare the design of the both of the mouthpieces there is not too much difference. In the sleep tight mouthpiece, there is no need for a specific size or adjusting. Whereas on the other hand in ZQuiet mouthpiece there are holes present in it and at the time of sleep our mouth is slightly open by which through these holes we can we can easily breathe without any of the trouble.

• Material

To see the quality of a material of these mouthpieces we see that in sleep tight mouthpiece there is no specific material mention. It only assumes that this mouthpiece contains BPA in it. Whereas on the other hand the material by which ZQuiet mouthpiece is made with good material as it does not contain any quantity of BPA and latex in it which really proves to be helpful in the use of it.


At the end, we draw the conclusion that both of the mouthpieces work as the cure and the treatment of the disease of snoring which causes harmful and the deadly effects on the human’s body. Both of them have a comparison between each other, in their working and in

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