Does sleep number bed help snoring?

Published On: 17th August 2019
Last Updated On: 18th August 2019

Does it still hold true these days that the couple that sleeps together, stays together? Intimacy in marriage is manifested when a couple curls up together in bed at night and when you wake up next to your loved one in the morning.


Sharing a bed can result in either a good night’s sleep or a terrible nightmare. Sleep can impact relationships. In fact, as many as 25% of couples choose to sleep in separate beds, according to research. Snoring is one big and inevitable challenge that affects the sleeping behavior of many couples.

What is Snoring?

The loud and harsh sound of snoring can disrupt sleep. Snoring occurs when tissues vibrate in your throat and nose. This happened because the flow of air is obstructed.

Snoring can affect everyone occasionally. You might not even know you’re snoring because it happens every now and then. But when snoring has become habitual, it’s a health concern that should not be taken for granted.


What are the Common Causes of Snoring?

Snoring is caused by different factors. Weight gain contributes to snoring because of the extra fats developed in the throat that relax the muscle tissues. Snoring can become common when one gets older.

Smoking and alcohol can trigger snoring because they both relax the throat and tongue muscles. Pregnant women often develop extra fats around their neck or throat that cause snoring. Allergies and nasal congestion can also induce snoring because you tend to breathe through your mouth.

Snoring Statistics

Statistics shows that 30% of people who snore are within the age range of 30 and older. Women who snore contribute 19%.  The percentage of those people who snore and who have sleep apnea is about 28%. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder with breathing that stops and starts repeatedly.

How Can Snoring Affect Your Life?

More than just an irritating sound that may wake you up or annoy your partner, snoring is a serious health condition. The health risks of habitual snoring include stroke, obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease, chronic headaches, obesity, and fatigue. The lower level of sexual satisfaction can also be an effect of snoring.

Snoring can significantly affect your mental and emotional aspects. When your sleep cycle is messed up due to snoring, you can hardly get a good night’s sleep.

The effect of snoring can be harsh when it can potentially inflict your relationship or marriage. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic reveals that partners or spouses of snorers wake up about 21 times every hour. This makes sharing a bed an agonizing experience.

To preserve an intimate relationship, many couples have been doing their best to address their spouse’s snoring problem. Sleep number bed is one popular solution that can make sharing a bed with your loved one (who snores) means getting a good night sleep.


What is Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep number bed is an adjustable air mattress or bed that allows the couple to experience comfortable sleep. It has an adjustable base because it is made with dual air chambers making it possible for each couple to make adjustment according to their favored setting.

Who Manufactures Sleep Number Bed?

Sleep number bed has been existing for about 30 years. These sleep number beds are manufactured by Select Comfort Corporation. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, its name was changed to Sleep Number Corporation in 2017. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

What the numbers mean and how to find your sleep number

You will have a sleep number, which is also called as your Sleep Number Setting, that conforms to your ideal support and firmness. The numbers range, which is from 0 to 100, determine the firmness of your sleep number bed. If you have a higher number, you have to get a sleep number bed that is firmer and has more air.

You can know what your sleep number is by visiting your closest Sleep Number shop. A sales representative will walk you through the whole process so you will be able to find your sleep number before purchasing a sleep number bed. You may ask, “Does sleep number bed help snoring?”

How Does Sleep Number Bed Work?

Every Sleep Number bed has one or two air chambers that utilize a pump to produce air that inflates or deflate the chamber according to your Sleep Number setting.  This is the “DualAir technology” feature.

The DualAir technology allows the user to adjust half of the bed based on his/her Sleep Number setting. Your partner, on the other hand, can make an adjustment on his/her side. This makes the two of you sharing a bed feels comfortable.

Sleep has a Sleep IQ Technology that can track your sleep. This also helps you use the data to decide on your ideal Sleep number setting.

How  Does Sleep Number Bed Help Snoring?

The Sleep Number Partner Snore Technology gives you the chance to raise or lower the head of your partner by touching a button. This helps reduce and eliminate snoring as it can open the airways that allow your partner or spouse to breathe more easily in a quiet way.

Adjustability, which is the strength of the Sleep Number Partner Snore Technology, can definitely work for snoring. It raises the head of the snorer to reboot the breathing patterns of the snorer.




Snoring can be triggered when you sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side has been proven to reduce it. The Sleep Number bed has its own foam pillow designed to obtain a better sleeping position.

If you want to enhance your sleeping quality, the Sleep Number bed can help you achieve that goal. You and your partner can change the firmness, temperature, and positioning on each separate side of the bed or mattress. Moreover, the Sleep Number bed can also relieve back pain.

Achieving high-quality sleep can be very challenging when habitual snoring comes into play. Sleep number bed snoring solution is one way to get a good night sleep while sharing a bed with your loved one.

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