Pillows For Snoring: What Is The Best Anti Snoring Pillow

So it’s been a while that you had been hunting for a solution to your or your partner’s snoring. You actually purchased several anti snoring devices but for some reason nothing worked! Perhaps you have to look closer. Maybe you need a different outlook in this case.

Probably, you need to consider the overall state of your sleep. It may not be just the snoring itself that you have to deal with, you might also want to take into consideration your comfort state as you sleep. Sleeping aids might be the thingamajig to go for. And what would be a better start but to consider your bedtime pillow.

Pillows are major contributors to sleeping. It can predict if you will have a good or bad sleep. It can either strain your neck and back or provide you comfort throughout your sleeping periods. Pillows can affect your mood when you wake up. It can make or break your day. Another thing that pillows can do is it can help you eliminate that nuisance snoring.

There are many kinds of pillows such as lumbar pillows, body pillows, memory foam pillows, maternity pillows, and of course snoring pillows! We will be talking about pillows for snoring.

Snoring pillows do not essentially snore nor would it snore with you as you sleep. Snoring pillows is a kind of anti snoring devices. There is a wide variety of snoring pillows in the market. We will be introducing to you some of the best anti snoring pillows that the sleeping world has to offer!

Pillows for Snoring Problems

So you ask, “How does my pillow affect my snoring problem?” The answer is simple. When you lay your head on a pillow, it does constitute to the way your head is positioned as you sleep. In effect, it influences the airflow passing through your airway.

Anti snoring pillows are specifically designed in terms of your sleeping position, the height ratio of your head to the bed and/or with the anti snoring or sleep apnea device you are wearing as you sleep.

So, there are many categories and kinds of pillows that you can choose from. In the proceeding review and comparison, we will help you understand and choose the best snoring pillows for you or for your partner’s needs. We will feature pillows that provide good reviews and user feedbacks to narrow down your choices from too many to a few good ones. So let’s begin.

Anti Snoring Pillows for Back Sleepers

People who lay asleep on their back tend to snore severely than others. As you lay on your back, your chin more likely falls downwards as your body enters the resting phase. It constricts the airflow going to your airway which increases snoring. The jaw eases down and the tongue regresses backwards to the opening of your throat which tends to block the airway.

With the mouth open it then produces an intense and loud sound. Altogether, it produces an unbearable noise which you have to deal with every night.

The best pillows for back sleepers are:

Wedge Pillows for Snoring

Known for its trilateral shape, this anti-snore pillow is inclined to raise the head a few inches higher from the bed. This pillow puts the head on a comfortable position without putting any strain to the neck and spine. Its inclined state helps keep the air passage open up by supporting your head, neck, and back since it descends on a leveled manner.

The Wedge Pillows for snoring is developed for those who suffer from breathing problems, acid reflux (GERD), poor blood circulation and with neck and back problems. Furthermore, it can also function as a leg support.

Wedge pillows vary depending on size, elevation, and foam material. It can be made with either a memory foam or latex foam. There are several Wedge Pillows which topped the reviews and here are some of them and their features in no particular order.

Best Anti Snoring Pillow


This well-reviewed anti snoring pillow is one of the bestselling Wedge Pillows online. It consists of two-layered memory foam at the upper layer and a dense base for optimum support and air circulation. It effectively prevents snoring and acid reflux and also alleviates neck and back pain.

This comes with a removable hypoallergenic machine-washable cover. Some customers claim that this strangely shaped pillow is slightly heavy and bears a bit of an odor which will go away within a few days.


  • InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow (25″x24″x12″)
  • High Quality, Removable 100% Cotton Cover
  • Contour Memory Foam Pillow
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Queen Size

Malouf Z Wedge Pillows

This is another high quality Wedge Pillow that benefits on the use of gravity to deliver relief from upper respiratory issues, snoring, and acid reflux. The smooth incline is seven inches high from the bed which inhibits gastric acid from rising up through the throat.

This snoring pillow is comfortable for reading in bed and TV viewing. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Z Wedge Pillow consists of polyurethane foam made with open-cell technology to enhance durability. It has a three-year warranty for any possible defect of the product. Upon delivery, it requires airing and will take time to obtain its full shape.


  • Malouf Z Wedge Pillow (24”x24”x7”)
  • Washable and removable soft bamboo velour cover
  • Hypoallergenic foam
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Queen Size

Medslant Wedge Pillow

It gradually elevates to provide support for the upper body which holds the airway open and keeps the acid down. This gives assistance to breathe easily to achieve the quality sleep you need. It gives remarkable comfort and eases the weight by conforming to the shape of your head down to your back. Medslant Wedge Pillow is very ideal for snoring, acid reflux, and upper respiratory troubles.

The cover is made of durable soft washable microfiber that is stain-resistant. Replacement covers and hypoallergenic covers are also available which is sold separately. The foam is made of high grade materials with the latest ISO hypoallergenic memory foam technology that holds its form for long periods of time.

It lasts five to seven years which ensures you of its durability without the need of replacing it every year. There are issues with pillow decompression and might take an hour to get its full shape. It also takes some time for you to adapt when using the pillow.


  • Medslant Wedge Pillow (32”x30”x7”)
  • Removable and washable anti-stain microfiber covers
  • Replacement covers and Hypoallergenic covers available
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System

Best Anti Snoring Pillow

Avana successfully designed a Support Pillow Comfort System for a more holistic approach. This whole set targets not just the upper body issues that go with sleeping, but it also provided comfort for the lower body. This system comprises of four high quality pillows that can be altered for different body positions in bed.

The curved wedge pillow is intended for lumbar support which is adjustable. It shadows the curve of the spine for full support and alignment for both the upper body and back. Sliding the back scoop can easily adjust the height of the pillow’s incline.

The Leg Wedge Pillow gives support and elevation from the hips to the legs all the way to the feet. It alleviates the pain on the lower parts of the body. Each piece is carefully designed with medium density foam layered with an inch of high grade 4LB Visco Memory Foam. Covers are made with ultra-soft and breathable micro-velvet material. Covers are removable and machine washable. The whole system is bulky and expensive.


  • Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Comfort System (32.5”x24”x11”)
  • Removable machine washable cover 100% polyester plush
  • High quality Visco Memory Foam
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • 1 year Warranty
  • King size

Snoring Pillows Suitable for Side Sleepers

Choosing the best pillow for your sleeping position helps you not just for comfort but also if you suffer from sleep apnea or OSA, snoring, and upper body pains. When you snore and you are a side sleeper, there are snoring pillows designed to keep your head and shoulder at the same level while sleeping on the side.

It typically has contours for neck support and holds the jaw forward. For side sleepers, these are the best anti snoring pillows. To those who snore and sleep on their sides, this particular pillow has a curved roll that is to be positioned under the neck to help keep the head from rolling and the jaw forward.

SONA Anti Snore Pillow

The SONA Anti Snore Pillow is the only pillow that is US FDA approved for snoring and sleep apnea. This unique looking snoring pillow is a result of extensive research and has proven to effectively regulate snoring and sleep apnea.

This snoring pillow has hollows beneath it which is designed to allow you to slip your arm underneath without any trouble. It gives full support to your neck and head which can relieve minor headache, shoulder, neck pain and mild reflux. It is not just a snoring solution but it also aids in sleep apnea.

Best Anti Snoring Pillow

Due to its unique design, the SONA pillow requires a special pillow case because of its distinct shape. It is made of top quality hollow-fiber polyester material with a patented Tri-bulge design


  • SONA Anti Snore Pillow  (25”x20”)
  • 100 % Synthetic Polyurethane Foam
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made is USA

Contour Tempurpedic Pillow

This special anti snoring pillow is of the highest rated pillows in the market. It has a therapeutic effect by conforming exactly your head and neck’s shape. This enhances the comfort throughout your sleep. The Tempurpedic pillow is composed of heat-sensitive material which adapts to your body temperature as you sleep.

It takes on a more traditional style based on the design. This snoring pillow is made from high quality Memory Foam that follows the shape of your head and neck. The pillow is packaged with a white supple velour cover which is removable and washable.


  • Dimensions:
  • Contour Tempurpedic Pillow (20”x14.25”x4.25”)
  • High Grade Memory Foam
  • Contour Design
  • Velour removable and washable cover
  • Return Policy offers 45 Days (Fees Waived)
  • 1 year Warranty

Since this is the modern age and everything is being branded as “smart”, the pillow industry made sure that they also produce a smart anti snoring pillow. There are several brands out there but this last pillow surely made the cut in our list.

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

This snoring pillow is a technological advancement in the soft world of pillows. It is a modern snoring aid that has a sleep tracker and sound system. It’s composed of memory foam and a moisture-wicking Tencel fiber cover providing a more comfortable sleep. All these features make this pillow the most technologically advanced anti snoring device.

Zeeq has embedded Snore Alarm that gently vibrates to make you conscious when your snoring reached the predetermined decibel level. It boasts of multiple internal speakers inside the memory foam which allows you to play music or audiobooks without disturbing your partner as you sleep.

Best Anti Snoring Pillow

It has sleep motion detection and sleep analysis capability which collates and transfer data to ZEEQ mobile application. It uses special sensors which transfers information to a sleep tracker for comprehensive evaluation of your snoring activities, sleep cycle, and state of sleep. Gathered data creates a daily sleep record to monitor your sleep process.

You can use your smartphone to control the power and settings of the pillow. It also has a built-in remote containing all the features this smart anti snoring pillow possesses. It has an auto off sleep timer for music in case you forgot to turn it off. Battery life has a 2-week span.

This pillow together with your smart phone offers more features that you can explore. It is an amazing invention for such a pillow. The only setbacks that you may experience with this smart snoring pillow are in setting up and operating the app and its price.


  • ZEEQ Smart Pillow (5.5”x 26.5”x16.8”)
  • Memory Foam
  • Tencel cover
  • Battery 5000 mAh rechargeable lasts for 2 weeks

These snoring pillows will provide you the sleeping solution you need and more. Regardless of your sleeping position or preference, you will surely find your match. These pillows are just a few selection but knowing what you need to learn about your sleep state is very essential. All you have to do is find the perfect bedmate pillow that provides the quality and function you deserve.

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