Nasal Strips Vs. Nasal Dilators. Clearing Your Nasal Airway With These Two Snoring Aids.

You are awakened by your own noise! You got up, went to the kitchen, drank a glass of water and went straight back to your bed trying to get back to sleep again. Then, it happened again.

It is a nightly routine you go through every single time and how you so desire to experience a night of undisturbed restful serenity. It may not be you. It can be your partner that you share a room or bed with.

Regardless, snoring disrupts the rhythm of your sleep. You don’t have to suffer all your life because there are snoring remedies out there that can ease your restless nights. There are wonderful sleeping aids which can give you the kind of sleep you deserve.

Snoring is really troublesome and you may wonder how this noise is produced. Well, snoring is due to vibrations generated from the airways because of interference whether through the nose or mouth. In some cases of snoring, such intrusion can be at times anatomical in form

like an engorged uvula (the dangling object at the opening of the throat), nasal cavities and/or tongue, which is triggered by seasonal allergies or illnesses which narrows down the airways. A lifestyle habit may also be a big factor such as smoking, excessive drinking or medications.

Snoring results in poor sleep which might affect your health and social life. It increases the possibility of physical and psychological problems that vary from drowsiness during the daytime, mood swings, hormonal changes, and increase or decrease in blood pressure.

With this in mind, snoring needs to be addressed to avoid these possible health risks or even more. But before purchasing any anti snoring devices, you need to determine which type of snorer you are. There are two types of snorers:

those who snore and breathe with mouth opened and those who snore and breathe through the nose. It is also important to determine if you have sleep apnea because you might need further medical treatment for this problem. In any case, it is still important to treat snoring for vital reasons.

There are two types of anti snoring devices in the market which are both practical and economic; the nasal strips (external nasal dilators) and the nasal dilators (internal nasal dilators). Both products are for people who breathe and snore through the nose. We will do a background review and a quick comparison of these two amazing snoring devices. So let’s start off.

What are Nasal Strips?

Nasal strip is a type of sleeping aid designed to ease mild to moderate snoring. This is a bandage-type which has an adhesive on one side and an embedded flexible plastic ribs or splints.

This is applied across the mid-part of the nose bridge going from side to side. Due to its spring-like function, it helps in opening up the nasal airway a little bit more by expanding the nostril passages from outside.

One of the most popular brands out there is Breathe Right Nasal Strips and the man behind this product is Bruce Johnson. Trying to look for a solution for his nasal problems due to his chronic allergies, in the late 80s, he developed a product to help him with his breathing when his allergies attack.

Since then, he decided to market this newly improved device wherein production started in 1991 and was made available to the public in 1992. Nasal strips were originally intended for nasal congestion due to allergies but for some reason, it found its way in providing a solution for snoring.

Nasal Strips Clearing Your Nasal Airway

Do Nasal Strips Work?

Nasal strips are intended to lessen mild to moderate snoring triggered by nasal clogging due to allergies and the effectiveness varies with different types of snoring. The function is to keep the tapered part of the nasal passage increase its opening to allow better airflow thus avoiding the vibrations being produced due to stuffiness which causes snoring.

Some years ago, there was a study done by Breathe Right Nasal Strips to test the efficacy of nasal strips. Since it was primarily used for nasal congestion, the nasal strip was put to test during the night. People who took part in this analysis noticed significant changes such as a decrease in snoring, dryness of the mouth and drowsiness during the daytime.

Due to its ability in increasing the airway passage of the nose, it supplied better airflow through the nostrils. Because of its efficiency, it later made its way into American football aiding the athletes in breathing in more air during the game. A few years later, it was also developed to be used by racehorses competing in the tracks for the same logic as for how human athletes use it for.

With the product’s evolution, it had shown great potential on how a simple device can actually alleviate nasal problems by promoting proper airflow through the nasal airway. It may not be the cure but it is an innovative solution in reducing the sound of snoring.

Nasal Strips Clearing Your Nasal Airway

Check and Balance

So far, the Nasal Strip looks really promising not just for nasal allergies but also in the loud world of snorers. It addresses different nasal troubles such as congestion, airflow and of course, snoring.

These strips also come in different materials and sizes that you can choose from. Choices vary from Extra Clear, Clear, Advanced, Original Tan, Mentholated, and also for Kids.

There are also many other brands to choose from such as Sleep Right, Walgreens, Better Breathe, Leader, and of course, Breathe Right Nasal Strips and many others. Materials can also be latex-free, hypoallergenic, and drug-free. Size range is from small to large. It is also non-prescriptive, economical, easy-to-use, and others say it’s eco-friendly.

On the downside: The only issue with the Nasal Strips, since it is easily available to consumers and seem like a quick fix, people who snore might just opt for this product without really considering having their situation assessed by a specialized doctor such as an EENT.

It would always be advisable to go to a medical practitioner before purchasing a product because there might be a more serious issue that may need treatment and not just a quick fix. Although some companies claim that nasal strips help alleviate sleep apnea or other related disorders, it is still better to see a doctor rather than to self-medicate. Nonetheless, there are no actual side effects that can affect a person’s health in any way.

What are Nasal Dilators?

A Nasal Dilator is a device made for opening up the nasal passages slightly bigger than its normal circumference. It is composed of either metal or rubber-like materials. This is inserted into the nose and opens up the nasal cavities which typically get inflamed when nasal allergies occur which at times trigger snoring during sleep.

This compact anti snore nasal dilator is ideal for those who are looking for a simple and practical way to help with breathing when there are nasal congestion and relief for snoring. It has 2 tubular inserts conjoined by a tiny band in between to keep it in place. This is a pliable object which opens up the diameter of the nostrils from inside.

This type of Nasal Dilator, in particular, is called internal nasal dilators while the Nasal Strip is called external nasal dilator. However, the internal nasal dilator’s approach is much different. It has more control on how it can open up the airway of the nose and also it might feel a bit uncomfortable to use since it needs to enter an area of our face where it feels uneasy having an object affixed inside of it.


Nasal Dilators. Clearing Your Nasal Airway

Is It Efficient?

Just like the Nasal Strip, the Nasal Dilator is only intended for mild to moderate cases of snoring. It is primarily an aid for nasal congestion due to allergies. It helps improve breathing and significantly diminishes snoring while sleeping.

If you have a deviated septum, swollen nasal passages or your nose is stuffy, breathing through your nostrils is often difficult. Nasal dilators can provide ease for this problem without taking any type of nasal decongestion medication or drug.

The Nasal Dilator’s efficiency will only be relevant to people who suffer nasal passage inflammation, congestion and who snore through the nose. If you are an open-mouthed and/or heavy snorer, chances are, this will not help you in in any way to reduce your snoring. That is why it is always important to determine your snorer type before purchasing anti snoring devices such as this.

Check and Balance

As we see, Nasal Dilators can be really practical in so many ways. We are not talking just about the size but also with its practicality. To start, there are many designs and colors to choose from. Materials also vary from stainless steel, silicone, rubber, and plastic which are all safe and non-abrasive.

It is disposable but it is still economically wise to purchase because it is durable which can be used for a couple of months. It is hygienic as well because you can wash it after every use and includes a carrying case to keep the device.

Nasal Dilators are also available without any prescription. It can be worn during the day when you are experiencing stuffiness or nasal congestion due to allergic reactions to the changing weather. Not to mention, it is really easy to use by simply inserting this device accordingly into the nostrils.

However, these anti snore devices have a couple of downsides that you also need to consider. As mentioned earlier, not all fixes can provide 100% solution and that being said, take these things into account.

Since it is really small and portable, if you have small children, this might be a choking hazard for them. It might cause uneasiness given that it is inserted in your nostrils. It may also develop sores inside the airway over time due to the frequency of use.

The device might also break while in use, or for some reason, break a small piece that might cause an injury inside your nose. So it would be good to keep in mind to always check your nasal dilators before using it to avoid such accidents.

The Verdict:

In fairness to both of these two anti snore solutions, these devices, the Nasal Strips and Nasal Dilators, both serve its purpose and even more. They both provide comfort for nasal problems and help decrease snoring by expanding the nasal passages whether internally or externally. Both are handy, disposable, hygienic, and practical. Application of these sleeping aids is a no-brainer as well.

Just always bear in mind that both nasal strips and nasal dilators are effective for those people who suffer from mild to moderate snoring only. For heavy snorers, there are other types of anti snoring devices which will aid you in your sleep.

However, for these two sleeping aids, it is for you to decide which is more convenient for you, your partner, or for your family members to use. Whether you go for the external nasal dilators or the internal nasal dilators, both devices are guaranteed to meet your specific need.

Taking into consideration all the abovementioned instances, these anti snoring devices are not guaranteed means for treatment of snoring. In reality, studies prove that no non-prescriptive nor over-the-counter devices really work 100%. But, there are inexpensive and safe devices out there to control snoring and can provide the comfort for your nasal problems.

What is important is for you to make sure you provide an effective solution to obtain a quiet and quality sleep because it lessens possible health risks that may occur in the future. You now have the capacity to control your breathing when faced with nasal allergies or snoring problems. Thanks to these intelligible and modern anti snoring devices that without trouble are made available for you at your convenience.

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