Mini-CPAP Machine, Is This Sleep Apnea Solution For You?

Mini-CPAP Machine Solution for You

Sleep is crucial to achieving optimum health and well being. It is not enough that we are able to sleep for a specific number of hours. We have to aim for the quality of sleep.

Our sleeping habit determines the condition of our physical health, mental function, and quality of life.

When your ability to have a good sleep becomes a problem on a consistent basis, you have a sleep disorder. Consequently, a sleep disorder has harmful effects on our overall health. It generally affects our emotional condition, mental health, and relationship with loved ones.

The most common type of sleep disorder is sleep apnea. Apnea is a Greek word which literally means “without breath.” When you have sleep apnea, you have an unnatural way of breathing while you are asleep.

The breathing process stops many times and develops into a shallow one. As a result, the person suffering from sleep apnea has uncomfortable light sleep rhythm. It typically progresses to annoying snoring and disturbing snorting.

The most common form of apnea is the obstructive sleep apnea. This happens during your sleep when the muscles of your throat relax from time to time and block your airway. Loud snoring is a common symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

Statistics show that 50 to 70 million US adults experience serious sleep disorder.  There are 25 Million U.S. adults who have obstructive sleep apnea. Moreover, 9-21% of women have obstructive sleep apnea while men suffer the most with 24-31%.

How Does Sleep Apnea Affect Your Life?


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People with obstructive sleep apnea have to endure sleepiness or fatigue during the daytime. They have the tendency to fall asleep at work. They are moody and show serious behavioral problems.

Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure or heart disease. The blood oxygen levels decrease during sleep apnea. This increases the blood pressure which eventually harms the cardiovascular system.

Aside from various health problems such as diabetes, stroke, and cancer caused by sleep apnea, it can largely affect your relationship with your loved ones.  This can strain your relationship with your spouse because of constant loud snoring.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine released the results of a study in the April 15 issue of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that linked obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to death. The study reveals that people with OSA are four times more likely to die, almost four times more likely to experience a stroke, three times more likely to die from cancer, and 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer.

The standard and most popular treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is CPAP or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.

Mini-CPAP Machine Solution for You

The person, who is suffering from sleep apnea, wears this air pressure machine during sleep. This appliance prevents your airway from collapsing during the breathing process as it raises the level of air pressure in the throat.

Using the CPAP machine helps maintain an uninterrupted airflow into the back of the throat. This device, which has been famously known as effective and safe, generally improves health and quality of life.

Colin Sullivan, M.B.B.S., Ph.D., FRACP, the inventor of CPAP hails from Australia. He invented CPAP in 1981.  He created the very first CPAP machine at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital’s sleep clinic in Sydney, Australia.

About a hundred patients participated in a continuous home therapy using manufactured masks and CPAP systems. Professor’s Sullivan conducted this workshop in 1985.

The first FDA approved CPAP machines were also set forth in 1985 by Respironics Inc. The first commercially available CPAP machine weighed fifteen pounds.Many described it as noisy and mechanical.

In 2009, Professor Sullivan received the Sleep Innovator Award given by the National Sleep Foundation in Arlington, Virginia.

There are three major parts of a CPAP machine: CPAP Motor, CPAP Hoses, CPAP Mask.

A sleep clinic will administer a sleep study called polysomnogram to determine if you need the CPAP therapy. Your sleep specialist will then use the results of the sleep study to know the degree of your condition. CPAP therapy can be one option to consider as a treatment alternative.

Those who use the CPAP machine experience positive outcomes.

Using CPAP machines has gradually reduced snoring and breathing obstructions. CPAP users also observe a compelling drop in drowsiness during the daytime.

Some CPAP customers have gained back their energy and alertness during the day. They can now do the things they love to achieve in life.

The birth of CPAP paves the way for health improvements such as lower blood pressure, progress in sleep quality, and prevention of a medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.

CPAP also improves emotional stability and relationships. Many CPAP users have bid farewell to problems with spouse or partners caused by snoring.

Using the CPAP machine can be challenging because of its bulky size. The estimated weight of a regular full-size CPAP machine is around 3-4 lbs. This can pose a problem if you travel a lot.

The regular size CPAP machine is inconvenient to bring during business travel or if you are planning a vacation with family that includes camping, cruises, backpacking, theme park, road trip, etc.

According to a survey cited by ResMed, 65% of CPAP users claim that device size is the number 1 reason they do not want to take their CPAP machine with them when they travel.

Missing one or two nights of therapy has adverse effects on your sleep and health.

If the bulky size of the regular CPAP is inconvenient for you, you might want to consider getting a mini CPAP machine.  This compact appliance is intentionally designed for portability.

What is a mini CPAP machine?

Mini-CPAP Machine Solution for You

Over the years, CPAP has evolved which includes the creation of a mini CPAP. People with obstructive sleep apnea can now have the option to buy a small but innovative CPAP machine.

You can find various mini CPAP machines around but there are two main leading companies that manufacture this portable and compact size appliance: Human Design Medical (HDM) for its Z1™ series and Somnetics for its Transcend mini CPAP series.

Mini CPAP machines are certainly easy to use because of its small size. If you buy one, its package includes a hose, AC power supply, universal mask adaptor, and a mini CPAP mask. This makes packing away mini CPAP in your bag so easy to do.

The size of a mini CPAP machine is about 6.1 inches by  3.5 inches by 2.8 inches tall. The weight can be less than 1 lb so this compact CPAP is not just for travel convenience but it can be suitable for everyday use.

What are the benefits of Mini CPAP?

Mini CPAP has largely benefited users or customers who travel a lot for work, business, or leisure purposes. Therapy compliance is the number one reason why mini CPAP is very useful for this type of sleep apnea patients.

You have a very good option when it comes to a power source. The battery pack includes adapters for wall sockets, DC power converters, and international plug adapters so you can comfortably use it abroad. This gives you ways to charge it anywhere you can find an outlet.

You can have the option to include solar panel charging feature so that you can bring it with you to charge your machine while hiking with family or friends.

Another feature of a mini CPAP machine is the option to buy additional batteries. You can have several nights of sleep using mini CPAP machines without interruption and without recharging. Some models allow this option because of OSA patients who live in areas where they regularly experience power outages.

Mini CPAP machines are also quiet to use. Most of the mini CPAP machines have at least a 29 dB sound rating so you can definitely enjoy a great night sleep.

Some mini CPAP models are designed with a smartphone app. The users of this small appliance can log their sleeping habits.

Do mini CPAP machines have limitations?

Make sure that you bring another stand-alone battery with additional adapters so you can charge your mini CPAP accordingly. This helps you avoid any interruption whenever you want to use it.

Another option that serves as battery backup is packing with a solar power charger. This is useful when you plan to hike or camp for several nights.

Solar panel chargers can be expensive but it’s worth the money to ensure you won’t have any charging issue while enjoying your great outdoors experience. It is foldable and light in weight.

You have to use an inverter whenever you run your mini CPAP machine on DC power. This simply means there is much battery power consumed so your CPAP can function smoothly.

Some users can’t help but compare the “feel” of the air of mini CPAP to the regular size CPAP. They have to breathe more using the mini CPAP machine.

The price of a mini CPAP machine can be expensive. But if you are traveling frequently and can afford to buy one, then this appliance is a good option.

How should you choose a mini CPAP machine?

Check first why you might need a mini CPAP. There are factors to consider before rushing to store to buy one. Think about the first thing you did when you bought your first car. You look around to find the best option that suits your need.

If you travel by plane most of the time, make sure you purchase a mini CPAP that has FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification so you can use it on a flight.

If your business travels require you to stay in hotels at night then you can just leave your mini-CPAP charging at the hotel. The way you travel determines what mini-CPAP components you will need.

If you need a special allergy filter, then look for a mini-CPAP that has pollen filters. You need to be aware of the different additional parts that come with buying a mini CPAP machine.

Some stores or dealers offer mini CPAP bundled with specific add-ons.Don’t forget to check if you need what is included in the bundle.

If you are concerned about regular power outages in your place then you have to consider checking the specifications of a mini CPAP. You will find mini CPAP machines with DC connector and those that do not have one.

You will need a portable solar charger if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you are hiking or doing a very long trail run, the solar module will keep charging the appliance.


When you have figured out that you need a mini CPAP, the next thing you have to do is look around for better deals. Some sellers offer free returns within 10 days of the ship date.

You can go to a physical store or you can simply use Google to find better options at the click of a mouse. One famous brand is the Transcend mini CPAP.

Make sure that you will find a mini CPAP machine with added features that suit your identified needs. There are definitely lots of choices to choose from.

To help you decide the best mini CPAP brand for you, read some reviews. For example, you can search for  Transcend mini CPAP reviews.

Companies these days seem to be in a race to produce the world’s smallest CPAP machine. So these reviews will show you different aspects of a certain mini CPAP brand.

Some users appreciate the space and weight savings. It might cost them a considerable amount of money but the comfort and the benefits they get from the mini CPAP is beyond the price they have to pay. The machine has become a priceless asset for them. You can do the same thing.

Managing your obstructive sleep apnea condition with CPAP therapy should not be limited at home. You deserve to fulfill and enjoy the kind of life you are passionate about. If you have figured out that mini CPAP gives you benefits relevant to your life then it is worth the investment.

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