How To Make My Boyfriend Stop Snoring?

Published On: 17th August 2019
Last Updated On: 18th August 2019

Snoring is like one of your dark sides but the problem is that you yourself won’t be able to know that this happens to you or even try to reject the idea when someone tells you about it. You love your boyfriend but when it comes to his snoring habits, it may affect your relationship or create a distance between you two people. It’s not just about you’re sleeping next to him but in cases where you are reading a book or magazine, using your laptop or busy on your phone and he is snoring this will disturb you. It has the capability to turn your life into a nightmare.



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What is the problem that snorers themselves are facing is that they are not aware of it and sometimes they develop diseases such as sleep apnea and will not be able to identify it and later on, it will lead to problems such as heart diseases.

As being, someone has loved one you matter to them, can help them in their daily life problems, and can protect them from serious situations. Same is with the snoring, it might seems like something irritating and abandoning is not the solution because in later stages person himself or herself is going to suffer the most.

How to confront such situations

You have such an intimate relationship with a person; you guys spend time together and are head over heels in love with each other but what if you cannot sleep with them, why? Because at night they snore. It is even a worst-case scenario where you are picky about your sleeping environment, and you cannot sleep even if a slightest sound is disturbing you. But the thing is that while it is frustrating for you, there is a high chance and a probability that your boyfriend doesn’t even know it, as he is sound asleep. You might nudge them, cover your ears, start sleeping in another room and this process may go on for a longer period of time, thus affecting your relationship, but nothing is going to work until or unless you will show some effort to cater the problem.

Identify the type of snoring

You do not have to keep worrying about the snoring problems of your boyfriend as you can help him by checking out what kind of snorer he is, and then according to the information that you have gathered, you can try different solutions.

Nasal snoring

If you close one side of his nose and his nostrils collapse or making him uncomfortable and he starts breathing through his mouth then in such a case he has a problem in his nasal passageways, they are blocked or his nostrils are collapsed. Therefore, you can use nose strips, eyebright nasal spray, and nasal dilator for helping him in wide opening his nasal passageways and it will eventually reduces the vibration that leads to snoring.

Mouth snoring

When the back of your throat is being hit by air and your mouth is open, chances are high that you will snore. A mouth snorer will sleep having his mouth wide open while sleeping. In order to get to know that if the person is a mouth snorer, at first you can make a snoring sound while your mouth is open and then try to make the same sound when it is closed, if the noise was louder for the first time then it means you are a mouth snorer. So, to get rid of this type of snoring you can use chin up strips, to hold mouth closed, eyebright mouth spray, reduce swelling, or snore guard (mouth shield), controls air passages, for your boyfriend.

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Tongue snoring

It is well known that tissues around the baseline of the tongue vibrate, and when your tongue blocks the back of your throat, it makes it harder for air to enter or difficult for breathing process. There is a potential that it can lead to the problems like sleep apnea. In order to check whether your man is tongue snorer, you can ask him to extend his tongue out from his mouth as much as he can and then try to make a snoring sound.

If the noise is probably lower then it means he is a tongue snorer. In such a case, you can provide him with help by keeping their jaws still during night times. Obviously, you cannot hold them; this can be done by using MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device). It will keep your lower jaw in a forward direction by providing some space to your tongue so that it will not block your throat.

Palate snoring

If any one of the types explained above does not cause it then it may be because of the vibration that happens in the soft tissues of the palate.

Other than, the solutions explained above according to some specific problems, some other general tips are also given. To solve the tragedies related to snoring dilemma can be resolved by using following remedies or strategies:

Make them to maintain a healthy lifestyle

This can be done by keeping in check their exercise routine and healthy diet plan; it will help them by making them less prone to developing fatty tissues that will put pressure on his diaphragm or area around the neck. By actively engaging, he in certain healthy activities can lower the chances of snoring.

Buy him a full-size sleeping pillow as a gift

Sleeping position matters the most when it comes to snoring. When you sleep all of your body muscles relax similar is the case with the area around neck. When you sleep on your back, muscles around your neck relax and vibrate leading to snoring or in this position tongue might block the back of your throat causing blockage and more vibration, hence, snoring.

If he sleeps on his back chances are higher that he will snore so this valentines buy him a full body size pillow so that he will not be able to roll around and sleep on his back. This will help him in maintaining a side position. Ask them to try to stick to a side posture or if they cannot do it then attach a tennis ball to his pyjama, so, it will make him uncomfortable every time when he will try to sleep on his back, he will roll around.

Keep a check on his alcohol intake before bedtime

Alcohol helps in relaxing your body muscles especially muscles around throat and tongue become even more relaxed. It will make those muscles prone to collapse during sleep and this will block air passages, so breathing will lead to snoring.

Keep his pillow clean and pets away from his bed

If he has some kind of allergy then you can take him to a doctor or give a nasal spray to open his nasal passages. Give his pillow for washing every week and change them after every six months. If you allow your pets to his bed, it may leave animal dander on the bed making breathing process harder for him.

Ask him to cut down on his cigarette consumption

Smoke of cigarette can irritate the lining in nasal cavity and throat, and contributes in narrowing the airways. It can cause congestion or swelling in nasal cavity and will make it harder for him to breathe while sleeping. That is another reason for him to quit smoking.

Suggest him to take hot bath

You can advise him to take a hot bath every night before going to sleep and to rinse his nose with hot water; this will help in clearing any blockage, if there, in nasal passageways.

Elevate the head side

This can be done by raising either his bed or his head few inches high by using an extra pillow. This will reduce the vibration in the neck area. Try to elevate his head and this will be quite reasonable in getting rid of his snoring music.

Use of decongestant sprays

If his nasal airways are either blocked or congested then give him a decongestant spray to open it up.

Try to get enough sleep

If your boyfriend is exhausted and haven’t slept for nights then it is obvious that he is going to snore, no matter what, as his body is tired. You can tell him to complete his nap hours or it is going to worsen the snoring effects.

Buy a humidifier for him

If the air around him is dry then it is more likely that he will snore at night so you can buy a nice humidifier to keep the dry air away, it irritates the airways as it induces snoring.

Avoid heavy meals at night

Eating too much just not only will cause weight but eating a large portion of meal at night is not a good habit, as the stomach will be filled. It will pressurize the diaphragm and make it difficult to breathe in and out during sleep. Advise him to eat less at night.

Similarly, do not use any dairy product at night, because they form a thick lining of mucus around passageways and hence make it harder to breathe at night as compared to day, where it does not affect you at all.

Maximize the use of water

It is not specific to just drinking lots of water during nighttime instead you can tell him to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Be careful about sedatives

If he takes sedative or any type of muscle relaxants or antidepressants then there are chances that you might snore at night as the muscles around your neck and mouth will be relaxed and vibrate producing snore sounds. If that is the case then take him to doctor and ask for assistance.

Ask him to sing for you

Even though he is not a good singer, goal is not to actually sing for you, but it is a form of exercise that can be done to strengthen your muscles in neck area and mouth.

What to do in severe cases, sleep apnea

Leaving room or living in a separate room is not the answer to the problem especially in the case of sleep apnea, sleeping is interrupted for a brief period of time during sleep time, as the person experiencing it won’t be able to get to know that they are facing such problems. In such a scenario, you can be proven helpful in identifying the problem.

Then, you have to talk to your doctor for solution and further treatment. Sleep apnea is not a simple problem but it is further linked to heart diseases and hypertension and causes fatigue during the daytime. Sleep apnea is quite common among men.

If nothing is working then talk to your doctor

But if the problem is persistent even after doing and experimenting each and everything out that means, you have to consult your doctor about it. Problem can be a serious one. Sometimes it is caused by structural problems then you can take him to doctor and they can suggest a surgery.

Communication and understanding is necessary

Try to understand that snoring is a natural process that will be caused when your body is uncomfortable and every single person snores once upon a time during their lifetime, others might snore frequently. It is not that the other person is doing it on a purpose so you have to be understanding and cooperative about this fact.

You may feel frustrated about it but keep in mind the feelings and reaction of your boyfriend when you are letting them know about how they snore and irritate you at night. Don’t get rude, it will affect your relationship with him.

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