A Guide to Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece

Fitting Your VitalSleep MouthpieceYou might have heard the term “boil-and-bite” and instantly panic. You may speculate if the process is painful, or you might be concerned that you will clutter it up and your anti-snoring device will be ruined. Rest-assured, the fitting procedure is easier than you think, and it is not painful at all.

Plus, even if you don’t get the fit right the first time, you can just start over again. You can reheat this device three times without destroying the material. This shows that the material that is being utilized for this product is durable and certified.

VitalSleep is one of the many anti-snore devices which are present on the market. With so many of these devices out there it can seem confusing to know which one is the convenient and flexible one, so it’s important to research the attributes of each product to draw a conclusion for getting the best comfort.

How does VitalSleep work?

VitalSleep is an anti-snore mouthpiece known as a mandibular advancement device (MAD).  These devices are intended to lightly lift the jaw forward to open the airway during sleep to stop snoring.

Snoring is caused by a partial impediment of the airway which is usually blocked by the relaxing tongue. While sleeping, any loose tissue in the airway vibrates with the movement of air when breathing, and this is what results in the sound of snoring. By gently lifting the jaw frontward during sleep, VitalSleep can unlock the airway to decrease or get rid of snoring.

Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece


Customizing the device

VitalSleep is a boil and bite device which creates a modified, custom fit for its consumers. Before personalizing the device it guides to read through the step-by-step instructions and arrange the materials needed to produce the customized notion.

The first thing you need to do when your mouthpiece is delivered then give it a quick cleaning and make sure you ordered the right size. If it doesn’t feel too small or too big proceed with the next step. Otherwise, you will need to switch over it.  

Cleaning and storage

It is suggested to clean the gadget after each use by immersing it with cold water and brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Dry it and store it in the plastic case it comes with. The instructions also mention VitalSleep can be soaked in denture cleaner. Place it upside down to dry properly.

The materials needed to customize the device are water and a pot, a timer, tongs, and two large coffee mugs. The easy-to-read instructions walk you through preparing and fitting your mouthpiece. After heating and customizing the device it should fit comfortably in your mouth.  Impressions for each individual tooth may not show up after fitting, but the instructions affirms that is customary.

Put a pot of water on the stove to carry to a boil. In the meantime make certain the upper and lower trays are in a neutral position. So, they should be stacked entirely one on top of the other. There is an indicator mark on the device you can use to guide you.

Your mouthpiece will come with a handle that fits through the opening at the back of the mouth. Make sure it adjusts into place accurately. If your handle isn’t clicking in place it is perhaps upside-down.

When the water comes to a boil submerge your VitalSleep for exactly 10 seconds by holding onto the handle. It is important that you do not keep it submerged longer than this. Most mouthpieces get submerged for much longer but it’s time limit is different.

Locate the stamped triangle on the inside of the device, so you know which side faces up. The triangle is on the upper tray. Place in your mouth, and bite down for about 15 seconds. Remove, and hold it under cool water for 30 seconds. This will speed up the hardening process. Remove the handle, and make sure you have a good fit. If it doesn’t feel quite right boil water and start the process again.

If the fit is good use the hex tool provided to adjust the lower jaw positioning. Don’t overdo it on the first night. You are better to start with a lower setting because you may not need your jaw advanced the entire way to be effective.

Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece

Getting used to wearing the device and preparing adjustments

Drooling is likely to happen in the beginning, as well as some soreness. It is recommended by the manufacturer to begin by sleeping with the device in neutral position for the first few days of wearing. This will assist you get used to sleeping with it in your mouth. After the first few days, if it is not decreasing snoring in this position, you may begin adjusting it to help open your airway.

Turning each screw clockwise with the hex key will bring the bottom of the device forward. Make sure to adjust both sides parallel to each other. If snoring does not appear to be condensed enough, it is suggested to continue adjusting the bottom half forward in small portions and bits.

Comfort of VitalSleep

For being a device that’s worn in the mouth during sleep, VitalSleep appears pretty comfortable. Not only is the fit modified, it has a flexible frame and enlarged opening making it trouble-free on nighttime mouth-breathers.


  • VitalSleep is made in the USA
  • It is BPA-free (BPA is a chemical found in many plastics that has been linked to serious health conditions).
  • Made with FDA-approved medical grade materials

How long VitalSleep last?

VitalSleep seems to be durable, with the ability to last over 2 years depending on the usage. As it is already informed, free replacements are given during the first year.

Fitting Your VitalSleep Mouthpiece

Who should try VitalSleep?

 If you are an adult who snores, VitalSleep may be right for you. However, do not use VitalSleep if you have (or may have):

  • Central sleep apnea
  • Any respiratory disorder, including emphysema or asthma
  • Temporomandibular joint disorder (TJD), or any jaw pain
  • Braces, retainers, or recent dental implants

Take care of your anti-snorting product and clean it on regular basis to enjoy the best consequences.


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