My BreatheRight Nasal Strips As A Snoring Aid Review

BreatheRight Nasal StripsAre you looking for a drug-free snoring aid? Well, then Breathe right nasal strips are perfect aid for those who want to get rid of the snoring problem. Many people can’t sleep at night due to nasal congestion and don’t let them to get a quality sleep.

People suffering from sinus face this problem more often but with nasal strips, one can get relief from it.  It helps you to breath better so that one can have a good night sleep at night.  Let’s know more about this safe & easy to use snoring aid.

What are nasal strips?

It is a non-prescription, drug-free aid or it more precise to say a device that opens the nasal passage as well as reduce resistance so that air can flow through your nose.  It works mechanically, and one has to put this flexible adhesive band on your nose. It can be used by anyone suffering from nasal congestion or sinus. However, people recognized it as a stop snoring.

A brief history of nasal strips

Bruce Johnson discovered nasal strips back in 1991.  He was suffering from nasal congestion due to which he couldn’t breathe properly. As he has tried almost all things, he could and then decided to figure out a way via which he would be able to open the nasal passage mechanically.  It took him three years to discover the nasal strips, but finally, he had achieved his aim. After the discovery of this aid, it was patented & later on brought to market in the year 1992.

In the United Kingdom, nasal strips were seen by people as a performance-enhancing aid and became quite popular among them.  The Liverpool footballer Robbie Fowler even endorsed nasal strips back in the 90s.

About the company

Breathe right nasal strips were originally sold and marketed by CNS which was founded in 1982.  Previously, it was indulged in developing equipment meant for brainwave analysis. In 1985, they were started developing products meant to treat sleeping disorders.  In 1991, Bruce Johnson found this company as he was looking for someone who could approve his discovery for the human trail.  The company accepted his request and rest is the history.  

In 2006, CNS was acquired by the British pharmaceuticals behemoth GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) for $566 million. The company GSK is very well known for manufacturing quality drugs. Government further promoted and appreciated this over-the-counter, affordable but effective product.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips –do they really prevent snoring?

Many people have said that the product really works well while some users have reported that it is not effective at all.  So, you can find both positive and negative reviews about the product. However, majority of users have titled it as an effective snoring aid.  So, should you give it a try?

Snoring might be due to allergies, or it might be due to sinus. Many people who snore solely find it effective. They even said that it works like magic. People who snore due to allergies also have a great experience with this product.  It has also been used by people to get relief from nasal congestion, and most of them have found it a good aid.

However, if you are among those people who more likely to snore and the snoring sound has nothing to do with your nose then it might not be effective for you. For many people, soft plates originate snoring in the airway when you fall asleep. While sleeping all our muscles & tissues get relaxed. When these loose tissues flop around, they vibrate against the throat tissue as the air makes its way through it. Snoring is the result of this vibration, and for some people, it is hard to deal with it.

BreatheRight Nasal StripsOther than this, sleep apnea can be the cause of snoring in many people.  This medical condition is only treated and diagnosed by the professionals.

Those who are suffering from sleep apnea aren’t able to breathe properly, and it even stops them to breathe at all for few seconds. Such patients also experience strokes, high blood pressure, and other health issues.

The condition shouldn’t be overlooked because it is the serious one and can be life-threatening as well.

So, if nasal strips or over the counter products aren’t working for you, then it might be a sign that your condition needs medical attention.  However, you cannot find the correct reason behind your snoring until you get diagnosed by a professional.

It would be good if you don’t jump to any conclusion directly without consulting a doctor. Now, coming back to the question as for whether it is worth trying or not? Well, if you are someone who doesn’t snore on a regular basis or allergies cause it then go for it. Many people have seen a significant improvement in their condition after using these strips.

Another way to find its worth is to try it, and I think it’s a good idea because it is affordable.  It is the one & only way to know whether your snoring can be fixed with nasal strips or does your condition needs medical attention?

Breathe right nasal strips – available options

Almost all products of breath right are approved and can be used by people who are five years old or above it.  GSK Company claims that the product is 38% more effective than nasal decongestant sprays.  It comes in two different sizes, i.e., small/medium and in large size.

  • Breath right extra strips are said to be 50% -60% stronger than the usual strips.
  • People with dry as well as the sensitive skin can use this product. It is as effective as the original breathe right nasal strips.
  • If you like pleasing smell while using this product, then go for Breath right lavender.
  • It costs around $ 0.30 per night, and one can choose clear material if you have sensitive skin. You can use the clear material strip in the daytime as it is not visible.  

Breathe right nasal strip – what are its benefits other than fixing to snore?

Snoring is not only annoying and uncomfortable, and it further leads to sleeping disorder related issues. It is not just about irritating sound, but it indicates a serious health condition as well. So, before getting an appointment with the doctor, how about using Breathe right nasal strips? It offers plenty of advantages that are written down below:

BreatheRight Nasal Strips

Sleep well

The person sleeping next to you is as annoyed as you are because of your snoring. These strips are excellent for fixing irritating sound coming out of your nose while sleeping. Along with this, you can get a quality sleep as well because many people with this problem can sleep well. Nasal congestion, as well as snoring, doesn’t let you get relaxed properly. If you wake up multiple times at night, then it affects your health because of insufficient sleep.

As you know that our body gets into the relaxation mode while we are sleeping. But when you interrupted in between it then your body can’t get enough rest it needs. You have to breath hard which is very uncomfortable and irritating.  Using nasal strips can fix all the above sleep-related issues and make you wake up fresh & relaxed but not tired.

Zero side effects

Intake of drugs may seem to be effective as long as it doesn’t cause any side effects. Nut as you know that drugs do have side effects, almost all of them. On the other hand, nasal strips are just an adhesive strip with some unique features that make it an amazing aid. It sticks to the skin and solves all issues related to nasal congestion.   

If it is clinically is proven and tested in labs by the professionals.  This approved over- the counter product is best for those who are allergic to some medicines. The strips are approved and tested on patients suffering from nasal congestion and snoring.

Advanced strip design & easy to use

The improvised design makes this strip easy to use as just place over it on your nose skin and go to bed.  It does it work while you are sleeping. Clear nasal strips, on the other hand, are invisible strips and perfect for daytime use. Get the right size of strip, place it on your nose and you are ready to go.


Everyday cost of using breathe right strip is less than your morning coffee. Along with being a safe product, it is affordable and not heavy in your pocket.  You don’t have to rush to store when you can order it online.  If you like the scent, then get strips having a lavender scent, and your nose will smell the pleasing scent.  

Suitable for every skin type

People with extra sensitive skin can’t find good nasal strips. However, Breathe nasal strips are different because manufacturers have used quality material and thus they don’t cause any skin issue. The strips are approved by dermatologists and won’t leave any marks or patches on your skin. Especially for ladies as they are always concerned about the skin.

Breathe Right Nasal strips – How to apply it?

Nasal strips (breathe right) are built with unique engineering which makes it best among all nasal strips available these days. These spring-like and flexible bands are easy to apply and here is the procedure:

Clean your face

To make the strip more effective, it is important to apply it to clean skin. Dirt & debris on your skin may cause skin infection when comes into contact with the strip. So, always wash face with any soft and non-medicate cleanser. If you are using any ointment or medicated cream, then ask a dermatologist about the strips.  If not then clean face, apply moisturizer but not the medicated one. Do not use anything that can cause skin irritation.

Position nasal strips

Next thing you should do is to take out your nasal strips, remove the strip attached to the adhesive side of the strip. Place it over the nose, do it standing in front of the mirror to place it on the right place. If it is hard for you to use it by yourself, then let your family members do it for you.

BreatheRight Nasal Strips

Apply the strip

Once you get the right place then apply the strip. Do not use any adhesive material to make the strip stick on your nose. The adhesive in it is more than enough, and it gets a stick on the skin throughout the night. Leave the strip on your nose and remove it in the morning.

Breathe Right Nasal strips – does it improve performance?

At the beginning of the sentence, you have read that the strips were famous among people for improving their performance.  So, does it really work? Well, not directly but it does improve your condition due to which you can sleep well. You know that good night sleep is essential for being healthy and strips help you to deal with things stopping your body to get relaxed.

Many athletes even use these strips, so from that you can figure out its effectiveness. Also, these strips are excellent when you are suffering from allergies.  It helps with the nasal congestion and improves your condition as well.

Final words

Breathe Right Nasal Strips has been the best nasal strip so far.  Nasal congestion, sinus or snoring is those health conditions that can’t be treated by nasal strips alone. However, they are better aid over drugs and not even required a prescription to buy it.  They are 100% safe and can be used side by side with your existing treatment if you are on any.

Make sure to prefer dermatologist when you have such problems. You never know what’s coming next as even small symptoms might be an alarm that your condition is serious.  Coming back to the Breathe Right Nasal Strips then they have no side effects at all. However, make sure not to buy companies product. Many companies imitate this product so be careful about that as they might be harmful for you. But breathe nasal strips are safe and effective.

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