7 Of The Best Anti Snoring Devices You Must Try

Published On: 18th September 2019
Last Updated On: 19th September 2019

Have you heard about anti snoring devices? If either you or your partner snores, chances are, you have. You probably know that anti snoring devices are mouthpieces that help you stop snoring. You probably also still have a lot of questions about how these anti snore devices work.

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One question that we get asked quite often is if these anti snoring mouthpieces are actually cured for snoring. While they do nothing to change your anatomy and so do not technically cure snoring, they are considered to be effective treatments for snoring. They work to prevent the airway blockages that cause snoring.

Not all anti snoring devices are alike, however, even if they do perform the same basic function of remedying the causes of snoring so you can stop snoring. Read the reviews below to learn more about why you should seek treatment for snoring in the first place, what causes snoring, and the different anti snore devices available that can help you stop snoring.

Snoring Deprives You of Quality Sleep

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesDoesn’t it irritate you when your sleep gets interrupted?

With all the stress and the troubles, we go through every day from the rush hour traffic to the overwhelming tasks we do at work, at the end of the day, all we want is to get a night’s sleep.That’s not too much to ask right?

It is only fair to want to get a decent number of hours of straight sleep every night. I’m sure you and your partner feel this way. Just like our phone batteries, we need to recharge to recover lost energy.

Snoring becomes a huge problem when it gets in the way of proper rest. It deprives the snorer and anyone within hearing range of the sleep that our bodies need to stay strong and healthy. Without good sleep, we can develop all kinds of health problems and experiences changes in behavior and cognitive functioning that can be dangerous to ourselves and others.

Snoring Can be a Sign of Bigger Problems

Considering what we all go through on any given day, sleep is the perfect way to bring the day to a close. But life can be so unfair, especially when you and you’re significant other are awakened several times throughout the night because there’s a loud generator running non-stop.

If you’ve slept beside someone who snores like a monster, you know what I mean. As much as you love the person, it can reach a point where it’s pretty difficult to tolerate.

What’s worse is if that snoring you just want to strangle them for is actually a sign that something is terribly wrong. I’m talking about sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition that causes the sufferer to stop breathing on and off while sleeping. It can be potentially life-threatening and should not be left untreated.

7 Best Anti Snoring Devices

Anti snoring devices were developed to treat snoring specifically, but are also widely used as effective treatments for sleep apnea. These anti snore devices keep the airway open, preventing the blockages that cause the sufferer to stop breathing while asleep.

Why Do We Snore?

So what exactly happens inside your body that produces that ghastly sound?

The simple explanation is that snoring happens when the air coming in through the nose and the throat makes the tissues in your airway vibrate.

This is normally caused by an obstruction that causes air to be pushed out more forcefully than is natural. It can also happen due to another type of narrowing of the airway, such as muscle constriction, or just because you have a narrower airway than most people.

You see, the back of your mouth, or the part where your tongue and upper throat meet your soft palate and uvula, is collapsible. When we sleep, we become relaxed, and so do these parts.

When this area does collapse, your airway gets narrow and can become blocked. This causes the soft palate and the uvula to vibrate and collide against the back of your throat, creating that loud noise we all know as snoring.

Now that we know how snoring comes about, it’s time to discuss the ways stop it. Before you consider an anti snoring mouthpiece to help you stop snoring, we suggest that you try a few natural snoring aids products.

The Best Anti Snoring Devices Reviewed

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesIf the natural methods prove either difficult or ineffective, you can try how anti snoring devices work for you. With the help of one of the best anti snoring devices, you can soon be on your way to little snoring, or be completely relieved of this nightmarish annoyance.

Each of the products below has been proven to be effective, but you need to find the one that suits you best. Everyone is different, so we are presenting several options to give you an idea of what’s out there.

1. ZenGuard

ZenSleep’s leading Tongue Retaining Device (TRD) is known as the ZenGuard.

This simple anti snore device stops snoring by holding your tongue forward while you sleep. The silicone suction bulb design of this device works by preventing your tongue from collapsing against the back of your throat.

It locks your tongue out of your mouth so that it can’t fall back and cause a blockage. Since it’s this blockage that will disrupt your airflow and cause you to snore, you should be able to breathe easy and produce no more sound than the peaceful rhythm of normal, soothing breath.

Getting used to this device takes some time. Any similar suction-based TRD can cause some discomfort in the tongue at first. If you pump it too tight, it can even be painful.

It’s important to give it a chance by using it for a few minutes each night before bedtime. These practice runs will allow your tongue to get used to being in a position that it isn’t normally subjected to. After a few nights, extend the time that you wear it to an hour, then extend again to a few hours of wearing it while awake. In two or three weeks, you should be able to use it overnight without much of a problem.

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesThe ZenGuard may not look like a legitimate anti-snoring device. It’s quite comical, in fact, because it resembles an infant pacifier. This binky-looking device, however, is a seriously effective tool.

It’s going to be something of a chore to get the hang of the ZenGuard for the first few weeks, but patience is the key. If you can get through this period with discipline, you will soon be on your way to enjoying quiet and restful uninterrupted sleep – all night long. This small tool is one of the best anti snoring devices we have found on the market.

We can’t guarantee that your partner won’t get a real kick out of you looking like a big baby going down for the night. But we do know that it’s definitely an effective anti snoring device. You can’t afford not to at least give it a try.

2. AirSnore

This mouthpiece is one of the anti-snore mouthpieces that works by moving the jaw a little forward. By holding the jaw in this position, the anti snoring mouthpiece prevents it from falling back as you relax during sleep. With the jaw pulled forward and the muscles pulled tight, the AirSnore gives you an open, unobstructed airway. It prevents the blockage that causes you to snore and so relieves your snoring.

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesAirSnore works much the same as any other Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD). MADs are the devices that work on the jaw as opposed to the tongue. What’s different about it is that you can also buy a bottle of AirSnore drops to go along with it.

These drops are patented by the manufacturer, Wolfson Berg Limited. They are made up of natural essential oil extracts which have been known to provide a soothing effect and also have antiseptic properties.

The AirSnore drops are formulated with these natural ingredients to help relieve nasal congestion and cold-like symptoms. Congestion is another cause of snoring, so this can be a big help to keep your airway open apart from the physical repositioning of the jaw.

AirSnore drops are applied by rubbing on the chest, neck and under the nostrils before you go to sleep. You don’t have to worry about putting anything inside your nose, which can be a problem for many. With these drops to help clear up your sinuses and a device that stops your snoring, you are definitely on your way to a long, satisfying trip to wonderland.

The AirSnore MAD and drops combo is one of the best cures for snoring available today. It not only addresses the snoring problem caused by obstruction, but it also helps to eliminate additional airway blockage that is caused by congestion.

3.  Zyppah

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesZyppah, or “happy Z” spelled backward, is more than an intelligent name thought up my marketing geniuses. This anti snoring device is known for its hybrid design. It brings to the table a combination of the two primary methods of keeping you from snoring.

First, it holds the jaw in a forward position just like what other anti-snoring mouthpieces do, but it also helps keep the tongue from collapsing by holding it in a stationary position.

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece comes with its own patented Tongue Elastic. This elastic band, also intelligently called the Snoring Eliminator, is attached to the MAD.

The band helps to hold the tongue as the device itself holds the jaw in the traditional MAD fashion. This way, it essentially acts as a MAD and a TRD all in one. The Snoring Eliminator is not a suction device like the ZenGuard, but it does help to keep the tongue from falling towards the back of the mouth and causing a blockage in the throat area.

The manufacturers of this product are so confident in this device’s performance that it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. On top of the combo design, the device is made with a hole that allows you to breathe through your mouth while you’re sleeping. By creating this additional airway, it helps you to breathe more comfortably to further eliminate any possible sources of irritating breathing noises.

Not that anyone would really notice, but the Zyppah also comes in different color schemes. Not many other anti-snoring mouthpieces take this extra step to provide a product that caters to your personal preferences in this way. Color isn’t much as it provides no direct therapeutic effect to snorers. It does, however, add a touch of variety that can be of value in itself. People do respond well when their different preferences are catered to, and we all know that visual presentation always makes a difference.

4. Therasnore

This MAD option works in the same way as the other anti-snore mouthpieces by moving the jaw forward to clear the upper airway. Therasnore is considered as an industry leader as far as MADs go, however. It has been around for more than a decade and has built an admirable reputation for itself during this time. It is the preferred anti snore device of hospitals in the US. If you are looking for a trusted solution to your snoring problems, this one is guaranteed to satisfy.

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesWhat sets this device apart from its competitors is its durability. The Therasnore has an average lifespan of over two years. This makes it a favorite among snorers because the investment is worth it when it lasts that long.

We are all made wonderfully unique, which can be a problem when it comes to fitting. The Therasnore takes care of this issue out of the box. The Therasnore comes in five different sizes and each one is fully adjustable.

This ensures a most comfortable fit in any mouth. There is no need to cut it down or run it under hot water to get a comfortable fit. This is a common practice which can actually damage your TRD or MAD, so this is a great feature of the Therasnore.

5.  SnoreRx

SnoreRx is another MAD device that will help you stop snoring. It has a patented design that does not include any metal parts. This is an important factor in an anti-snoring device since metal parts can degrade over time, cause allergies, and can also cause injury to the wearer if the parts grow weak and break inside the mouth. We wear them while we sleep, so this can be more dangerous.

7 Best Anti Snoring Devices

The SnoreRx is also a highly adjustable mouthpiece that will give you a better fitting experience. The device can be adjusted in millimeter increments, which sets it apart from the rest. Because of its superior flexibility, it can fit any type of jaw without causing discomfort.

Fitting an anti snoring mouthpiece can be a real chore. More than the usual discomfort that is experienced with TRDs, you will never get used to a mouthpiece that doesn’t fit. If it is not just right for your mouth, you will continuously experience pain and discomfort.

It’s all good and well that there are several solutions available on the market today, but buying and trying each one is a hassle and an expense that few can afford to endure. The focus on adjustability makes the SnoreRx most definitely one of the best anti snore devices out of the box.

6.  Good Morning Snore Solution

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a TLD similar to the ZenGuard. It works by keeping the tongue in a stationary position with the use of suction to pull it out and keep the airway open.

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesAs mentioned above, this approach may not be comfortable at first. But just like any of its direct competitors that rely on tongue stabilization as it means to stop snoring, it requires practice and patience to get to the point where you feel comfortable wearing it all night.

The Good Morning Snore Solution is considered to be one of the top cures for snoring. It is designed for comfort and is known to be easier to get used to than other anti snore devices. This may be mostly due to its smaller size.

7. ZQuiet

7 Best Anti Snoring DevicesThe ZQuiet was originally designed by founders Dan and Katrina Webster and Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS. It is an FDA-approved mouthpiece that works by keeping the jaw from falling back, just like other MADs. It opens up the airway and gives the air an unobstructed pathway, avoiding the vibrations which cause people to snore.

This small, dentist-designed mouthpiece allows for ease of use and adjustment as it effectively cures your snoring. If you’re tired of losing sleep and long for a snore-free night, this is one of the best anti snoring devices today that’s worth a try.

The above are just 7 of the many snoring products that we find to be exceptional. We’ve done our part, and now it’s time for you to get out there and find the one that best suits you. It all comes down to different strokes for different folks, and only you can say which one is the absolute best for you.


Snoring is definitely a problem. It’s irritating at the very least. There’s no doubt that it is a potential relationship killer. Moreover, it can be a real killer if not properly addressed. Snoring is so common that so many people just brush it off and somehow manage to deal with it every single night. Snoring should not be ignored, however, and there really is no reason to suffer its effects with the treatments that we have readily available today.

7 Best Anti Snoring Devices

The best anti snoring devices give you more options to choose from when you are searching for a cure for snoring that is right for you. With the help of the reviews above, it is our intention that you can get one step closer to finding the anti snoring solution that you feel most comfortable with. When you feel good wearing your TRD or MAD, you will be more likely to keep using it and so will be more likely to remain snore-free.

When you stop snoring, you sleep well and avoid the risks associated with sleep apnea. When you sleep well, you get the rest that your body needs to keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy and happy. This is our ultimate goal.

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