Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing The My Pillow At Walmart

Published On: 17th August 2019
Last Updated On: 18th August 2019

My Pillow At Walmart

In order to have healthy physical and mental life, one must sleep well and comfortably. As we all spend almost one-third of our life in sleeping. So everybody knows the importance of sleeping, it gives us energy with rest of mind and body which is essential for conducting daily routine works and for doing any kind of job.

If someone does not sleep well or sleep not comfortably he will face a lot of issues which ends in disturbance and failure in different aspects of life. So as to ensure success in the life one must sleep well and comfortably.

Pillow plays the most important role in sleep. Everybody wants to have his pillow where ever he is because using a different kind of pillows while sleeping will not provide healthy sleep. Some person may feel a headache some person may feel neck pain after using different pillows.

That results in discomfort and unrested sleep. Some peoples like soft pillows and some like hard pillows. Some like high head position and some likes low head position so it is the choice of everyone.

Significance of A Suitable Pillow For A Quality Sleep

Some people feel a strain in their necks after waking up in the morning due to an uncomfortable pillow. Others experience another type of strains in back or head or any other are due to the inappropriate height and softness of the pillow.

All these factors must be kept in mind while choosing a pillow as plays a vital role in aiding you to sleep well at night. Some pillow has also been designed especially for people who sore in order to overcome their snoring issues and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

As a normal human being spends one-third of their lives on their pillows so it the significance of a comfortable and soft as well as suitable size pillow cannot be ignored. A pillow determines the alignment of your neck with your spine and an unsuitable pillow can also cause headaches in addition to strains.

For each sleeping pattern, a different kind of pillow is required, these types are explained below briefly:

My Pillow At Walmart

Back Sleepers

People who prefer sleeping on their backs during the night must choose a thin and flat pillow which is responsible for supporting their head and spine. The wedge pillow is the best options for this sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

The people who are comfortable sleeping on their left or right sides must choose a contoured pillow which ensures that they have a firm support under their heads during the night. The ide sleepers must also put a pillow between their legs in order to help the spine to stay aligned and experience less strain on their backs.

Stomach Sleepers

The stomach sleepers do not much support under their heads while sleeping. For this sleeping position, a thin pillow is suitable which prevents the head from rising much above the body level and putting the strain on the neck. The stomach sleepers often feel comfortable by placing a pillow under their stomach to void lower back pain.

Anti-snoring Pillows

Snoring is a common problem among people belonging to all regions and age groups. According to studies, males suffer more than females due to this snoring issue. It is necessary to try and reduce this sleeping disorder in order to lead a successful and healthy lifestyle which is made possible by choosing these amazing anti-snoring pillows.

These have been specifically manufactured to enable people to sleep in complete peaceful and comfortable environment as well as level their faces is such a manner ensuring free air passage through the throat.

The anti-snoring pillows are designed in such a manner that they help the throat muscles to feel relaxed due to which the snoring issue is resolved to a great extent depending upon its severity. Using a snoring pillow proves to be a very helpful step in enabling the snorers to enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up with an active and fresh state of mind.

My Pillow At Walmart

The best anti-snoring pillows available in the market which have helped the snorers in improving their sleep quality are listed below:

  • Nitetronic Pillow
  • Level Sleep Restore Pillow
  • Sharper Image Pillow
  • Smart Nora Device
  • Zeeq Smart Pillow
  • Intevision Wedge Pillow
  • AI Sleep Direct Pillow
  • Celliant Pillow
  • Snore No More
  • My Pillow

My pillow was founded by Mike in the year 1976.His dream was to manufacture stuff which enables people to enjoy their best quality sleep during the night and wake up with a fresh and relaxed state of mind in order to be productive at work.

It took mike years of constant hard work to design a pillow prototype which will not get flat or hot with time and will ensure the users of an amazing sleeping experience which led him to invent the world’s most comfortable pillow in summer 2004.

His business expanded with time and currently, he runs a very successful business and his store features other such products too including mattresses, bed pillows, pillow cases, bed sheets, travel pillows, pet beds and a variety of other products. The products manufactured at My Pillow are made using high-quality material which is very soft and facilitates the users in enjoying their sleep time.

My pillow has an online store to where users can order products and get them delivered to their doorstep.


Walmart Inc. is an American based multinational retail company which operates a huge chain of hypermarkets, department stores as well as grocery stores. The headquarters of Wal-Mart is located in Bentonville, Arkansas and its foundation was laid by Sam Walton in the year 1962.Currently, Walmart has over 11,695 locations across the globe with 2.3million employees worldwide out of which 1.4 million employees are working in American locations of Walmart.

The products available at these stores include products under these categories including Electronics, movies, music, home, furniture, home improvement, clothing, footwear, jewelry, toys, health , beauty, pet supplies,

sporting goods and fitness, auto, photo finishing, craft supplies, party supplies, grocery items belonging to well-known merchandises. Walmart also contains products from My pillow and these are available in reasonable price ranges enabling users to buy them from their nearest locate Walmart store with ease.

My Pillow At Walmart

Advantages and disadvantages of buying My Pillow from Walmart

The advantages of buying your My Pillow products from your nearest located Wal-Mart are numerous as it is convenient for customers to get their desired My Pillow products from this supermarket along with other grocery items rather than especially visiting a My Pillow branch to get these products.

As the locations of My Pillow are not as widespread as compared to Wal-Mart it becomes difficult for people to get their desired pillow and enjoy a good night’s sleep. In addition to this Walmart, customers are often offered amazing offers and prizes which enable customers to

buy their desired products on very reasonable price ranges and enjoy discounts. Customers are also able to analyze the softness and material quality of the pillows, mattresses or any other products by My Pillow before buying them in order to enjoy maximum benefits.

The disadvantages include that users will not be able to order My Pillow products online from Walmart and have them delivered to their doorstep instead they will need to take out time and visit the supermarket in order to get their hands on their desired item from My Pillow.This activity will take time and take more effort as compared to online shopping.

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